10 Apps to Make Your Life More Organized

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10 Apps to Make Your Life More Organized

10 Apps to Make Your Life More Organized

Life is hard, and if you are unorganized, it is harder.

I don’t know about you but there are times when I always feel like I am scrambling. Scrambling to get the kids to where they need to go, scrambling to make that next appointment, and scrambling to get dinner on the table. There are not enough hours in the day and when you are unorganized you lose even more valuable minutes off your day.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way! There are some great apps to help you get more organized and stay that way!

If you want your content synced, you need to pick apps that can sync across your devices. That way you always know what is going on. Below I have listed some of the best apps to help you get organized in no time and stay a little less scrambled!


You can use this app for just about anything. I use it for everything from meal planning to my kids’ doctor appointments. The best part is, you can sync all your notes to your phone and desktop. It comes with a free, business, plus, or premium version.

Evernote is available for iOS     Android     Windows     Kindle


Cozi is perfect for busy families! Each member gets a color-coded calendar and can add activities, plans, and events. How many times has your kid suddenly said, “Mom, I have a science project due tomorrow!”? There is nothing worse than running to Walmart at 9:00 at night because your kid “forgot.”

With Cozi, your child, spouse, and of course you, can input any appointments, projects, events, or special occasions in their calendar. That way you always know what is happening. It is not just for appointments though. You can also do meal planning, shopping lists, to-do lists, and family journaling to record memories quickly and simply.

Cozi is available for iOS     Android     Windows     Kindle


This is a new favorite. Tired of receipts taking up valuable space in your wallet or purse? Shoeboxed lets you take pictures of your receipts and then organize them. A great way to track expenses! The best part? It is IRS approved, so just take a pic and then throw it away! It also integrates into Quickbooks and other online accounting software.

Shoebox is available for iOS     Android     Kindle


Unroll.Me takes control of your inbox. It makes it super easy to unsubscribe to all that junk mail you receive. I was getting newsletters from sites that I hadn’t visited in two years! A clean inbox makes for a happy person! Also, you can have all your wanted subscriptions sent to you in one email. That takes up a lot less space and makes it easy for you to glance through them without doing a ton of clicking!

Unroll.Me is available for iOS    


BigOven is a great way to create meal plans, save shopping lists, and find recipes to use up those leftovers in your refrigerator. Within the app you can manage your recipes, make changes to your list, and even type in leftovers to pull up a list of possible recipes. No more wasted food! It is an amazing way to organize your meals, recipes, and grocery lists.

BigOven is available for iOS     Android     Windows     Kindle


Dropbox is a great way to organize all your digital files. You can upload pictures, important documents, recipes, etc. I love it because you can make folders for everything and put everything in its place! No more trying to hunt down a picture you wanted to share or an elusive recipe you wanted to make! It syncs across all your devices and anytime you need a file, it is there. Dropbox is free but you can also purchase a premium version.

Dropbox is available for iOS     Android     Windows     


Are you a list-maker? Do you plan your entire day by making a to-do list? Do you get giddy when you cross something off your to-do list? Then you will love Any.do! Make all of your lists and then mark off each item by swiping right. Once you have completed your tasks all you need to do is shake your phone and they will disappear. It is a great feeling watching your to-do list just fade away.

Any.Do is available for iOS     Android     Windows     Kindle


LastPass will organize all of your passwords and save them. This is one of my favorite apps because it syncs all my passwords across my devices. No more trying to remember one when I am accessing a site from my phone. Want to have better passwords? Let LastPass create one for you. However, one strong word of caution. Make sure your master password is one you won’t forget. If you forget it, you won’t be able to sign into LastPass and they won’t be able to help you retrieve it. LastPass is available for free and pay.

LastPass is available for iOS     Android     Windows     Kindle


Picture it: Late at night, year something, and you are cruising around the Internet. You find a great article that you really want to read but your eyes are getting so heavy. So, you save it to read in the morning. The morning comes, and guess what? You can’t find it and you have no idea where you saved it. If this sounds familiar, then you need Pocket! Pocket will save it for you and then you just have to go to the app to find it! I love this for saving recipes that I collect while I am waiting at the doctor’s office or for the kids to get done at their lessons.

Pocket is available for iOS     Android     Kindle


If you love to budget your money you will love EveryDollar. This app is not only easy to use but also adds visuals so you can see how your money is moving. It only takes about 10 minutes to get started and you can budget from anywhere: your computer, phone, or tablet. Great for budgeting on the fly!

EveryDollar is available for iOS     Android     

I’d love to know what apps you use to make your life more organized. Be sure to share them with me in the comments section!

10 Apps to Make Your Life More Organized


  1. Rhoda Kennell on February 21, 2018 at 6:12 pm

    Thanks for these! I love LastPass and Evernote, although I know I haven’t near tapped in to all that Evernote has to offer! I also love Dropbox for sending larger files that you can’t share via email because they are too large to send. I’m going to check out some of the others you mentioned as well.

    • Leah Nieman on February 21, 2018 at 6:54 pm

      Evernote has so many uses! So glad the post is helpful. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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