10 Cool Experience Gifts to Give Your Kids This Christmas

10 Cool Experience Gifts for KidsThe holiday season is all about giving. And while you could fill the space under your Christmas tree with new toys and games for your kids, why not give them something a little more memorable this year? Experience gifts are a great way to give your kids a unique Christmas present that will help them create lasting memories down the road. These 10 cool experience gifts are some of the best Christmas gift ideas to give your kids this year.

10 Cool Experience Gifts to Give Your Kids This Christmas

Cooking Classes

Give your kids a gift that keeps on giving this holiday season by signing them up for cooking classes. You can find local classes for your kids to attend or look for online cooking classes to help your kids learn how to cook from your own home. On top of being fun, cooking classes also help your kids learn a valuable skill they can take with them through life. And if you join them, cooking classes can be a great way to spend family time together after the holiday season is over.

Family Trip

Instead of buying more stuff for your kids, why not use the money you would have spent on presents to book a big family trip? Your family can get away together and enjoy each other’s company, allowing you to create memories as a family that will last much longer than their interest in a new toy.

Camp Enrollment

From science camp to nature camp, there are so many great camps available for kids of all ages. Let your kids get away on their own, make new friends, and learn some new skills with the gift of a camp enrollment this Christmas. Whether you choose an online camp or an in-person camp, this fun experience gift is a great way to celebrate the holiday season.

Museum Membership

Whether your kids love playing at the local children’s museum or they’re interested in learning more about art or history, a museum membership is a great experience gift that also provides them with educational benefits. Your kids will have a blast visiting their favorite museum any time they want throughout the year thanks to this great Christmas gift idea.

Zoo Membership

Or maybe you have an animal lover at home who’s constantly asking you to visit your local zoo. Give them the chance to head to the zoo any time they please by gifting them an annual zoo membership this Christmas. And as an added bonus, many zoos offer members-only specials, like classes and events, that your kids can enjoy throughout the year.

Subscription Boxes

Instead of giving your kids a bunch of gifts all at once this Christmas, consider signing them up for a subscription box. They’ll get a new box in the mail each month filled with fun activities for them to enjoy. You can find a variety of amazing subscription boxes for kids, ranging from STEM boxes filled with educational activities to craft boxes featuring supplies to make a new craft in each box. Unlike the jelly of the month club, a thoughtful subscription box really can be the gift that keeps on giving!

Movie Tickets

Sometimes, something as simple as heading to the movies as a family is enough to make your kids happy. This year, purchase a gift card to your family’s favorite theater so you can go see a movie together later in the year.

Charitable Gift

Help your kids give back this year with a gift that helps others. Set up a charitable gift in your kids’ names, then let your children select the charity they want to donate to. They can get the satisfaction of helping others instead of adding to their collection of toys this holiday season. You can set aside a certain amount of money to donate to your kid’s favorite charity or specify a certain amount of time that your family will volunteer for the charity throughout the year.

Family Fun Activity

Enjoying time together as a family is a great way to spend the new year. Make sure your family has a blast together next year by giving your kids the gift of family fun this holiday season. Depending on your family’s interests, there are so many great family fun activities to give this Christmas, like:

  • Mini golf passes
  • Bowling passes
  • Amusement park tickets
  • Gift card to your kid’s favorite restaurant
  • Tickets to an escape room
  • Passes for an indoor trampoline park
  • Water park tickets
  • Children’s theater tickets

Lessons for the Year

Whether your kid wants to improve their baseball swing or learn how to play an instrument, giving them the gift of lessons this holiday season is a great idea. In addition to learning something new or improving up on the skills they already have, lessons also provide your kids with a gift that keeps giving throughout the year. When considering lessons, don’t forget all of the wonderful online courses available. When next Christmas rolls around, your kids can look back on all the progress they made thanks to their weekly lessons and be thankful they received this great experience gift instead of a new toy.

Have you given experience gifts to your kids? If so, which experience gifts did your child love most? Are there experience gifts you’d give again? Share with us!

10 Cool Experience Gifts for Kids

10 Cool Experience Gifts to Give Your Kids

10 Cool Experience Gifts this Holiday Season



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