10 Educational Locations You Can Visit Without Leaving Your Home

10 Educational Locations You Can Visit From historical sites that bring your kid’s history books to life to museums filled with artwork, there are so many amazing educational destinations around the world. So many, in fact, that there is no way you would be able to visit them all in person! But thanks to technology, you can view a variety of amazing educational locations without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. Check out the virtual tours of these 10 educational locations and take an educational vacation without leaving your house.

10 Educational Locations You Can Visit Without Leaving Your Home

#1 Yellowstone National Park

As the nation’s first established National Park, Yellowstone is packed with natural history. But if you can’t make the trip to see the park in person, why not take a virtual tour? The park’s interactive maps are a great way for your kids to check out popular areas of the park, like Mud Volcano and Mammoth Hot Springs. You can even view a live stream of the Old Faithful Geyser – one of the park’s most popular attractions.

#2 Museum of Natural History

The National Museum of Natural History is filled with educational offerings – and most of those exhibits are available online through virtual tours. Through their interactive virtual tours, you can view the museum’s permanent exhibits, like Mammal Hall and the Hall of Fossils. In addition to viewing the exhibits, your kids can zoom in on all the informational displays to learn more. This is the one feature I love best about visiting this educational location virtually over visiting in person. The virtual exhibit gives a great view of the exhibit, but focuses on the actual information for the display. And with its easy navigational controls and variety of information available, your kids will be occupied for a while on this fun virtual tour.

#3 Google Arts & Culture

In collaboration with more than 2,000 museums across the world, Google Arts & Culture can provide your kids with virtual access to art and history exhibits in over 80 countries. From the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to Musee d’Orsay in Paris, your kids will love checking out famous paintings, interesting exhibits, and popular landmarks from a vast number of educational locations all in one huge collection of virtual tours. It’s a great one stop shopping place for virtual field trips!

#4 National Constitution Center

With the National Constitution Center’s interactive Constitution, your kids can get up-close and personal with one of the country’s most revolutionary texts – the Constitution. They can view the Constitution’s text up close, and learn about the history and meaning behind those words – all from their home computer!

Want more ideas for educational field trips that are fun and engaging? Check out my Ultimate Guide to Virtual Field Trips!

#5 San Diego Zoo

With more than 10 live cameras throughout the zoo, the San Diego Zoo offers tons of fun ways for your kids to view wild animals on the favorite device. They can watch baboons play together, penguins swim, and pandas play without ever leaving your house. If your child loves animals, the San Diego Zoo is definitely a fun virtual experience. And 🤫 you don’t even have to mention you are heading to an educational location. Just tell them you are going to have a fun day seeing some animals.

#6 Monterey Bay Aquarium

If your kids are fans of fish, they’ll love checking out the live cameras at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Through the aquarium’s live feeds, they can watch glowing moon jelly fish swimming in the water, sea otters frolicking, and even sharks and fish swimming together.

#7 Buckingham Palace

Home of the Queen of England, Buckingham Palace is one of the most iconic buildings in the world. But there’s no need to travel to England to get a tour of this historic location. All your kids need to do to tour the palace’s throne room, grand staircase, and drawing rooms is to visit the palace’s website. There, you can get a 360-degree tour of all the areas of the palace that are open to the public!

#8 Discovery Education

With live virtual field trips to locations around the world, Discovery Education is a great resource for anyone looking for a fun trip to an educational location from the comfort of their own home. Your kids can watch the virtual field trips live as they’re happening or view past field trips on demand through the organization’s website. And with trips ranging from dairy farms to EA Sports, there really is something for kids of every interest available here.

#9 Anne Frank House

After learning the story of Anne Frank and reading her diary, let your kids check out the Anne Frank House without leaving your own home. This amazing virtual tour allows you to view every room in the museum, while also offering insight and historical information about the space. This interesting tour is a great way to connect historical text to a real place without the need to travel to Amsterdam.

#10 Ellis Island

Take a virtual tour of Ellis Island while also learning about the journey of an immigrant coming into America during the 1800s, without the need to take a trip to new York City. The interactive virtual tour begins in the passage of a ship traveling from Europe to the U.S. and ends at The Kissing Post. Each stop along the way includes historic photos and informational video to help tell the story of a traveling immigrant. In addition to the interesting story, the virtual tour also includes a look inside historic Ellis Island, both then and now.

Has your family taken an amazing virtual field trip lately? If so, share your favorite educational locations with us!


  1. Kimmy on February 17, 2021 at 5:47 am

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    These all sound like neat things to check out. Winter is so tough and we are looking for things to do.

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    These are all great virtual field trips locations. When my daughter gets older, I hope to incorporate them with her learning.

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    I love how all the museums and parks have come up with these virtual options, making them even better and improved over this last year
    thanks for this list.. i am going to look at the Anne Frank house for sure

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    Oh wow this is so great! I also love watching drone footage on youtube because it feels like you are actually there!

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