10 Online Shopping Tips to Save Money This Holiday Season

Save Money During the Holidays with These Shopping Tips!Shopping online during the holiday season is a great way to save time and money when purchasing gifts for everyone on your list. That’s because online shopping provides you with the convenience of comparison shopping from the comfort of your own home. But if you’re not careful, you can easily overspend when shopping online. That means if you plan on doing your holiday shopping online this year, you’re going to need a few tips to help keep you on track! These simple online shopping tips will help you save money on gifts this holiday season.

10 Online Shopping Tips to Save Money This Holiday Season

1. Take Your Time

Unlike shopping in the store, which can often be a frenzy during the holiday season, shopping online allows you to take your time and think critically about each purchase you make. Online shopping gives you have plenty of time to comparison shop, find the best deal, and search for relevant coupons to add to your purchase. All these steps will help you save extra money on each purchase you make.

2. Don’t Forget the Cash Back

Before you make a purchase, head over to Rakuten to see if your retailer offers cashback through the site. Rakuten offers buyers cash back on items they purchase online through participating retailers. To earn your cashback, you have to click the link in your Rakuten account before you checkout. After a few days of processing, you’ll find your cash back in your Rakuten account. That cashback will get transferred to your checking account quarterly.

Looking to save money this holiday season? Here are 5 apps to help you save money.

3. Always Check for Coupon Codes

Sites like Retailmenot.com and Coupons.com offer tons of great coupons for online retailers, allowing you to save money while you shop. But you have to look for those coupon codes before you checkout to score those great deals. Before hitting the checkout button, head over to both those sites and search for the retailer you’re shopping at. The site will provide you with coupon codes to try before you make your purchase. Another simple way to ensure you never miss out on a coupon is to install the Retail Me Not Chrome extension on your browser. The extension will automatically scan the coupon database and provide you with coupon options when you’re ready to check out. If checking for coupon codes is too cumbersome try Honey. I recently because using Honey because I like my online shopping experience to be as simple as possible. And Honey searches the internet automatically to gather all relevant coupons  for me with virtually no effort on my part. I can also add items to my droplist and Honey will alert me when the price drops. I already have gifts for the holidays added so I can snag them as items go on sale. If you purchase often from Amazon, you’ll love Honey’s Amazon Best Pricing feature which searches and pulls the best price.

4. Sign Up for Email Offers

In addition to coupon codes found on coupon sites, you can also get great deals by signing up for your favorite retailers’ email lists. Before the holiday shopping season begins, visit the websites of all your favorite stores and sign up for their list. You’ll get access to tons of great sales and subscriber-only discounts offered throughout the shopping season.

5. Head to Social Media

It’s also a good idea to follow all your favorite brands and stores on social media to get the inside scoop on sales and coupons. Head to sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and follow the stores you plan to shop at during the holiday season. Then, keep an eye on their posts to find special coupon codes or sales offered to the store’s social media followers.

6. Compare Prices with Google

Don’t make an online purchase before heading over to Google to comparison shop first. Simply type in the name of the item you plan on purchasing, then click the shopping tab at the top of the search. Google will provide you with all the retailers that have that item for sale, along with the price each store is charging. You can easily see who has the best deal and make your purchase from that store.

7. Leave it in Your Cart

While some online sales are time-sensitive, if you’re not in a rush to make your purchase, consider leaving the item in your cart instead of purchasing it right away. Many retailers offer incentives to customers who abandon their shopping cart before making a purchase. Just make sure you are logged in to your account before leaving your cart to ensure the retailer knows where to send your coupon code!

8. Pick Up in Store for Free Shipping

If your order doesn’t qualify for free shipping, consider choosing the pick-up in store option. Many stores will allow you to ship the item to your local store free of charge. You can still shop for your gifts online, then head to the store to pick them up when they arrive.

9. Stay Organized

It won’t matter how much money you save when shopping online this holiday season if you don’t stay organized while you shop. Use an app like Christmas Wish List to help you keep track of your holiday shopping to ensure you don’t go over budget or purchase too many gifts for one person. Staying on top of your holiday shopping in an organized way is one of the best ways to save money while shopping during Christmas.

What are your favorite online shopping tips for the holiday season? Share them with us in the comments below!

Shopping Tips to Help You Save Money During the Holiday Season10 Shopping Tips to Help You Save Money This Holiday Season



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