10 Promises Because I Love You

10 Promises Because I Love You

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Let’s be intentional with our parenting this year and demonstrate love in action for our kids. These 10 promises are adapted from my Family Digital agreement. As parents, it’s important that we set the standard and constantly reach out so our kids know they can come to us for love, help, and support.

Because I Love You….

1. I will talk to you often and openly about the online world so that it’s a natural part of our daily conversation.

2. I will answer any questions or concerns you may have about social media and the Internet, always without judgment.

3. I will be available for you when you feel threatened or scared by someone or something on the Internet. I will be a calm voice of reason and not one of criticism or judgment.

4. I will help you to understand that the golden rule of “do unto others” applies not just to those you meet in real life, but also to those you meet online.

5. I will get to know the services and social media websites you use. If I don’t know how to use them, I will take the time to familiarize myself with them.

6. I will teach you that social networking sites are great for connecting in some ways; but some interactions with others might have the best result if we’re able to chat with them face to face.

7. I will strive to help everyone in our family understand that our social media usage affects others so that our family develops a healthy balance.

8. I will place as much value in your online friends and try my best to get to know them just as I try to get to know your friends at school, church, or in our neighborhood.

9. I will teach you to protect your social media accounts and data by having adequate virus, spyware, and adware software.

10. I will make sure that, as a family, everyone understands what others feel comfortable with posting openly so our home remains a safe place for everyone.

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Come back tomorrow when we’ll have our 10 Promises Kid’s Version.

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