2 Worth-It Garden Apps for Gardeners


I’ve had my hands in two places this past week – on my device and in the dirt! It’s garden season and I couldn’t be happier. I don’t know about you, but I survive the cold central Illinois winter by planning my spring garden season. I don’t like paper piling up around the house. If there is an app to do the job, that’s what I use. For me, planning works best when I use apps, Pinterest, and Evernote. As parents, we set the example when we show our kids our devices can be used to help streamline tasks for us. I’ve tried a few garden apps over the past couple of years. Some are too time consuming and other garden apps don’t offer features I need. I’ve finally found a couple great garden apps that work well with little effort on my part.

Here are the 2 Garden Apps I’m Using:



This is, hands-down, my favorite gardening app. It’s ideal for both the novice and expert gardener. The app has over 90 of the most popular edible plants and herbs. It also has a Wish List feature so you can jot down those veggies and herbs you want to add to your garden in the future.  Keep in mind, this is an app for edible plants. Gardenate isn’t the app to purchase if you are looking for something to help you with your flowers.


This app helps gardeners select the vegetables and herbs localized to your climate zone, record planting dates, harvest dates, notes, and more. Gardenate isn’t overwhelming, but has all the information gardeners need so they can have a successful vegetable garden. Best of all, the app records planting information and keeps it synced across multiple devices! There is a note feature so gardeners can add their own notes to any plants to record the best varieties and successes and failures. (I’m really excited about this feature.)

I’m trying a number of new plants in my garden this year and plan to take notes on the varieties that we love and did well for us. I also made a note about my early seeding method. It worked well and I plan to do it again next year (but I did almost destroy my green beans because I wasn’t patient enough and began replanting, barely catching myself digging up sprouting seedlings). Hopefully my note will help me remember to allow more time next year. Setting up my 3 gardens took about 30 minutes. So little work for the time savings and help this handy app will provide me all year long!

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I LOVE this app. GrowIt! says “GrowIt! is the only app that lets you Garden Socially!” and they’ve pinned their app perfectly. It really is gardening socially. GrowIt! is for plant lovers of all sorts – annuals and perennials, vegetables and herbs. You’ll even find images of houseplants.


Setting up my profile took just minutes. Uploading photos from my gardens was quick and easy. It’s been fun looking at images of plants from others. I already have ideas for new plants I want for my gardens.

I snapped a couple of images of my plants and posted them. One plant I have in my flowerbed was a start I got from my mom. She got the plant from a friend. Neither of us knew the name of the plant. Not knowing the name of this plant has driven me nuts. I posted a photo and asked for help identifying it; within hours, I had an answer. That initial positive experience alone could have sold me on this garden app. But, there is so much more to love . . .

GrowIt! has a comment field so users can add comments to their own photos. Also, users can leave comments for other users to ask for help, or just leave a compliment on their plants! This is a great way to get advice from others gardeners when you are struggling with a plant.

The team at GrowIt! really put thought into the search feature. Users can search plants, users, comments, and hashtags all with the search feature. Knowing this, I uploaded comments and used hashtags on all my photos. You can always go in an add a comment to your photo or another user. It’s easy to add a hashtag if you want to be able to easily find that cool plant at a later date.

One feature I love is the “Rate it” feature. This gives users the ability to give plants a “Leave It” or “Love It” rating. It’s helpful to see how many others in your area love a plant. And, it’s equally as helpful to see if many people rate a plant as “Leave it.” For instance, I rated one of my own roses “Leave it” and I’m a die-hard rose lover. But this variety of rose is really prone to disease and the color isn’t really all that striking. I wish I would have known this before spending money on the rose. I’ll most likely have to pull this particular rose from my rose garden this year to prevent it spreading disease to my other roses.

Like Gardenate, users can create projects to sort and organize your favorite plants by where you want to use them. I’ve organized my flowers and plants by flowerbeds to help me keep track of what I have. Now, I’ll be able to quickly check when I’m out shopping to make certain I don’t purchase a rose I already have.

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Apps aren’t just for kids! Garden apps are just one of my favorite categories to help me contain clutter in my home and simplify life. What are some of your favorite apps to help streamline your life? Share with me!




  1. Seth on May 23, 2016 at 8:00 pm

    What’s your GrowIt username so I can follow you on the app?

    • Leah Nieman on May 23, 2016 at 8:49 pm

      Points to me for originality right! Really, I just like to keep things simple.

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