20 Educational Uses for Alexa

20 Educational Uses for Alexa

20 Educational Uses for Alexa

In April of 2019, Amazon said over 100 million devices with Alexa on board have been sold. Alexa currently has over 70,000 Alexa skills. That Alexa sitting on your counter can be used for so much more than shopping! In fact, there are many educational uses for Alexa. If you are an educator or parent looking for some fun educational Alexa skills to incorporate into your day, you’ll find plenty of them by checking out the Alexa skills store on Amazon! Here are 20 of my favorites!

20 Great Educational Alexa Skills for Kids

  1. Bamboo BooksBamboo Books

Trigger Command: “Alexa, start Bamboo Books.”

Bamboo Books offers narrated stories from classic children’s books like The Story of the Three Bears, Peter Pan, and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Kids can improve listening comprehension with the exercises.

If your child has an Alexa screen-based device like a Fire tablet or a Fire TV, Bamboo Books offers text and images to permit reading along with Alexa. It’s perfect for new or struggling readers.

Parents can see how their child’s listening comprehension skills are improving by signing up for an optional Bamboo learning account. Here they can see their child’s correct and incorrect answers for each book, and badges awarded. This is hands-down my favorite educational use for Alexa-enabled devices!

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  1. Kids quizKids Quiz

Trigger Command: “Alexa, play Kids Quiz.”

From the creators of Question of the Day, Kids Quiz is a perfect daily activity for children ages 5-12. It offers fun new questions on topics like animals, science, or even fun facts. It’s a great way to reinforce learning and help kids discover new things about the world. Kids Quiz is fun! And, it’s one of those educational Alexa skills you can easily add to your family’s morning or evening routine. Your kids won’t even know you’re sneaking more learning into their day. It’s sort of like sneaking zucchini into their brownies.

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  1. Lemonade StandLemonade Stand

Trigger Command: “Alexa, open Lemonade Stand.”

Lemonade Stand is an Alexa skill game that simulates owning a lemonade stand. To start, Alexa states the weather forecast for the (simulated) day. The player can then purchase cups of lemonade to sell. They’ll then set a price for resell on their cups of lemonade and purchase signs for advertising.

This might sound a bit confusing, but Alexa gives clear instructions as you move through the game.

Lemonade Stand goes on and on so it’s a great game for kids who like longer games. “Experience badges” accumulate as players earn money selling lemonade.

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  1. animal workoutAnimal Workout

Trigger Command: “Alexa, open Animal Workout.”

Kids need exercise. And sometimes, kids need to get the wiggles out when they have extra energy. Animal Workout is fun! It lets kids become different animals while getting exercise. Kids get encouraging words throughout the workout. This is a great activity for play groups and parties.

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  1. state capitol gameState Capital Game

Trigger Command: “Alexa, open State Capital Game.”

If your kids are memorizing the capitals for each state, let Alexa help them with this fun game. Alexa gives a state and players answer with the name of the capital city. It’s easy to learn the state capitals while cooking dinner together as a family. This game is one of my favorite educational uses for Alexa!

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  1. Trivial Pursuit Family EditionTrivial Pursuit Family Edition

Trigger Command: “Alexa, open Trivial Pursuit Family Edition.”

Trivial Pursuit is a great game for kids and adults to test their knowledge in six different trivia categories. And, this Alexa skills version is a great way to play when you don’t want to dig out the Trivial Pursuit game board. Want the game board feel? It can be used with the Echo Dot Buttons.

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  1. Choose Your Own AdventureChoose Your Own Adventure

Trigger Command: “Alexa, open Choose Your Own Adventure.”

I love the Choose Your Own Adventure series. This professionally recorded series gives you the ability to make choices about what happens in the story. Kids have fun changing the story line. And, you can sneak in some extra learning by talking to your kids about how changes by the author create differences in the ending.

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  1. 123 Math 1-2-3 Math

Trigger Command: “Alexa, Open One Two Three.”

1-2-3 Math is perfect for elementary age kids. And, it’s a great way to show kids some cool ways they can use Alexa for learning. 1-2-3 Math helps kids with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, comparison, and more! There are three modes: easy, medium, and hard so kids can play at a level that challenges them. Stuck on a question? The game remembers the last question, so you can come back and continue where you left off.

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  1. Travel QuestTravel Quest

Trigger Command: “Alexa, start Travel Quest.”

Travel Quest is an adventure-styled travel exploration game. It’s perfect for kids 13 & under. Players receive a passport and are given a choice of countries to explore. Current countries you can explore are Japan, Canada, France, Brazil, Egypt, and Australia.

Explore a country to learn about the cuisine, geography, landmarks, leaders, events, and festivals. You can explore countries more by answering simple questions and playing bonus games.

The most exciting feature is that Travel Quest now works with screen devices like the Echo Show. Kids can see pictures of their travel adventures.

If you have been thinking there can’t possibly be educational uses for Alexa, this skill alone will make you think again!

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  1. CuriosityCuriosity

Trigger Command: “Alexa, open Curiosity.”

Curiosity challenges you to keep learning by sharing the best stories from history and interesting perspectives of the future. There are plenty of topics – science, psychology, productivity hacks, health, current events. A daily or weekly dose of Curiosity will set you up on a path of life-long learning.

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  1. Escape the RoomEscape the Room

Trigger Command: “Alexa, open Escape the Room.”

Escape the Room is all the fun of an escape room right at home. And, it’s FREE! The game runs like other escape rooms where you are trapped in a room and the goal is to escape. To do so, you must search your room, pick up items, and solve puzzles to find your way out. You do this by using three basic actions:

  • Look
  • Inspect
  • Use

You can get help and hints along the way if needed. This is a great game to play with groups. It’s also great practice for kids before they try out a local escape room.

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  1. Spelling Bee WinnerSpelling Bee Winner

Trigger Command: “Alexa, open Spelling Bee Winner.”

Spelling Bee Winner is a great way to practice spelling skills. The app uses the word list from the National Spelling Bee. So, it’s the perfect study app for kids who are preparing for the spelling bee.

Spelling Bee Winner has two modes: practice mode and competition mode. Practice mode allows you to keep going even if you miss a word. In competition mode, you get a score for each round based on the scores of other players. Brush up on spelling skills or prepare to dominate the spelling bee with Spelling Bee Winner!

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  1. Questions Kids HaveQuestions Kids Have

Trigger Command: “Alexa, open Questions Kids Have.”

Kids have questions. Lots of them! And, it’s somewhat scary to think what answer their question might return when they ask Alexa. Will the answer be age-appropriate? Will they understand the answer? If you have a kid who asks questions ALL.DAY.LONG., Questions Kids Have is a must-have Alexa skill for your family.

With Questions Kids Have, Alexa poses one question each day using humor that connects with kids. Then Alexa answers the question in a way that is easy for kids to understand.

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  1. Twenty QuestionsTwenty Questions

Trigger Command: “Alexa, open Twenty Questions.”

Think of anything and try to stump Alexa in twenty questions. Animal, plant, mineral, movie, pop culture, and more! You literally think of something and begin the game. Then, follow the prompts. Skipped questions don’t count towards your twenty questions.

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  1. Science Questions AnsweredScience Questions Answered – Flash Briefing

Trigger Command: “Alexa, what’s my Flash Briefing?”

I love listening to flash briefings. These are short question and answer type programs. Science Questions Answered is perfect for kids who have questions about science.

Kids will learn from questions such as “What is a black hole?” and “Where is the moon in the daytime?”

Science Questions Answered is family friendly. So, everyone in the home can safely listen to it.

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  1. NASA MarsNASA Mars

Trigger Command: “Alexa, open NASA Mars.” Or a specific command: “Alexa, ask NASA Mars, ‘How big is Mars?’”

Learn about Mars and get the latest rover updates with NASA Mars. NASA team members share updates weekly and keep you up to date on the exciting events on Mars.

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  1. Kids Word of the Day-Flash BriefingKids Word of the Day – Flash Briefing

Trigger Command: “Alexa, what’s my Flash Briefing?”

Funny characters introduce kids to new words using a fun riddle each day in Kids Word of the Day-Flash Briefing. Consider compiling a few flash briefings for your kids for an educational moment on car rides or during their morning/evening routine.

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  1. This Day in HistoryThis Day in History

Trigger Command: “Alexa, open This Day in History.”

Interesting historical events happened every day. Learn about them with This Day in History. Help kids discover educational uses for Alexa by showing them how to use This Day in History to find historical events for any day of the year, not just the current day. For instance, they can discover a historical event that happened on their birthday. Once kids learn of an event, they can say, “Hear more about this event” to learn more.

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  1. The Magic DoorThe Magic Door

Trigger Command: “Alexa, open The Magic Door.”

Ready for an adventure? The Magic Door is an interactive adventure game that lets you explore magical lands. You will collect hidden items, solve riddles, and help magical creatures.

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  1. Daily DinosaurDaily Dinosaur

Trigger Command: “Alexa, open Daily Dinosaur.”

Have a dinosaur lover in your home? Daily Dinosaur will bring you information about a different dinosaur each day. It has a database of 1000 of them!

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Showing kids how to use technology for life-long learning is important. And, including some of these educational Alexa skills isn’t just fun; it sets the example for them of how to use technology wisely.

When we show our kids all the educational uses for Alexa, we’re showing them Alexa isn’t just a smart speaker for shopping or playing music. We’re showing them a broader picture of how to use technology wisely. Including some educational Alexa skills into our daily routines gives kids a concrete example of  incorporating tech gadgets into our lives so they help us learn more and do more things productively.

What are your favorite educational uses for Alexa? Be sure to share your favorite educational Alexa skills with us below!

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