20 Eye Catching DIY Mouse Pads

20 DIY Mouse Pads

Our world may be tech-driven, but even so, there’s still room for creativity. Family members are in front of a computer many hours a day. And most families have multiple computers in their home.

One thing that’s always in the corner of your eye is the mouse pad. So why not let each member of the family have a mouse pad that reflects their own personal style?

It’s actually pretty easy to make a mouse pad and it can come out much nicer than the ones you buy in stores. In fact, there are plenty of DIY mouse pads online and most of them have detailed explanations of their making.

I have to admit I was surprised to see you can make a mouse pad in so many ways. And the customization options are endless, to say the least!

You don’t need to be a skilled crafter to make your own mouse pad. And, including your kids on a fun DIY mouse pad project is a great way to model using the internet for researching a project and completing it. Here’s a list of some great DIY mouse pads your family can make this summer!

20 Eye Catching DIY Mouse Pads

  1. DIY Donut Mousepad from clubcrafted.com
  2. Father’s Day Mouse Pad Craft from kidsactivitiesblog.com
  3. DIY Suede And Gold Leaf Colorblock Mousepad from lovelyindeed.com
  4. DIY Mountain Mouse Pad from little-white-whale.com
  5. Confetti Mouse Pad from makeandtell.com
  6. DIY Mouse Pad With Scrapbook Paper from modpodgerocksblog.com
  7. DIY Mouse Pad Cover from goldstandardworkshop.com
  8. DIY Gold Striped Mouse Pad Tutorial from anexerciseinfrugality.com
  9. Rose Gold Leather Mousepad DIY from earnesthomeco.com
  10. Make Your Own Large DIY Mouse Pad from ourpeacefulplanet.com
  11. DIY Painted Cork Mouse Pad from sarahhearts.com
  12. DIY Floral Mouse Pad For Spring from thecraftedlife.com
  13. DIY Fabric Mouse Pad from sarahmdorseydesigns.blogspot.com
  14. DIY Washi Tape Mouse Pad from acharmingproject.com
  15. Fabric Covered Mouse Pad Tutorial from blog.mychildhoodtreasures.com
  16. Geometric Leather Mouse Pad Tutorial from deliacreates.com
  17. Fabric Covered Mouse Pad from thecottagemama.com
  18. DIY Fabric Covered Mouse Pad from lisamathewson.com
  19. DIY Constellation Star Mouse Pad from lovelyclustersblog.com
  20. DIY Cork Board Mouse Pad from northstory.ca

Do you have a fun DIY tech project? We’d love to see it. Be sure to share it with us in the comments section.

DIY Mouse Pads

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