3 More Apps for College Bound Young Adults

3 more appsI’m picking up where I left off and sharing 3 more apps for college bound young adults. The goal is to have resources at your fingertips. Most college students hit the campus with some sort of digital device in hand. As parents, we can use this opportunity to show our kids apps that will help make their life easier. The goal is that our kids have a strong arsenal of apps to help them succeed. These 3 apps below will make reading assignments and writing papers easier.  


  • EasyBib

You finish your paper but now you’re faced with the citation page. Creating your bibliography page just got easier with EasyBib. You can create an accurate MLA, APA, or Chicago style citation quickly. Simply scan the bar code for your book, or type the name of it to receive the correct citation. It’s that easy!

Google Play Store

  • Dictionary.com

This has been the #1 English Dictionary app since 2010. I love the audio pronunciations. There is also an advanced Learner’s Dictionary that provides additional context. Did I mention that feature is Free?!

Google Play Store

  • Merriam-Webster

How can you go wrong with Merrian-Webster? This app also has audio pronuciations. The word of the day is a fun feature. And, they give you a number of example sentences so you can see the word used in context.

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