4 Fabulous Family Friendly Minecraft Servers

Minecraft has quickly become one of the biggest gaming brands in the world. With its expansive world, creative atmosphere, and lack of gore, it is no wonder that this game has become a popular pastime among younger gamers.

However, not all is well, and there are many servers in Minecraft that include high levels of adult content. To protect your young gamer from the dangers of potentially preying pedophiles, we compiled a list of 4 Minecraft servers for the family.

Before I get into servers and such, there are a few areas of safety to address.

Technology has improved our lives by allowing us to connect with people from different areas of the world and share a common interest in gaming. However, it is important to explain to your child that not everyone is who they seem to be, especially behind the façade of an in-game character.

I would highly suggest laying down a few ground rules with your kids to make sure they understand the dangers of giving out personal information. This includes, but is not limited to, name, address, age, phone number, etc.

I’m 21, and I don’t give my name, let alone more detailed information about myself, out to gamers in multiplayer games. Included in the rules of many of these servers is a prohibition on giving out personal information to other players, but it’s always good to address this issue with your kid(s) beforehand.

Nevertheless, gaming on Minecraft servers is super fun, provided everyone takes the necessary safety precautions.

One thing to know about family friendly Minecraft servers is that the best ones will have a “whitelist.” Getting on the whitelist involves filling out a form or application so the host knows the people playing are not bots, and requires a parent email. These are the most secure servers since they are moderated regularly.

The servers on this list are whitelist servers, and will require about 2-3 days between when the application is filled out and when your kid is added to the whitelist.

Looking for information on Steam? See my Parent Guide to Steam.

4 Fabulous Family Friendly Minecraft Servers

  1. AutcraftAutcraft Minecraft Server- 4 Fabulous Family Friendly Minecraft Servers

Autcraft is one of the coolest servers I have found. It is a special Minecraft server for children who are dealing with autism. This server is run by adults with autism, parents of children with autism, or someone who has a family member on the autism spectrum. This server does not have any voice chat, but boasts 7,000 members. If you have a child who has autism, this server is a safe space for them to play.

  1. Intercraften

One of the cool ways that gaming is progressing is by forming virtual worlds. This is my favorite thing about Intercraften. In this server, you can take on a role in a town like a woodcutter, blacksmith, etc. and exchange your services for coins. These coins can be used in in-game shops, to buy land, etc. This server also has game modes like capture the flag, survival worlds, or just chill sandbox worlds. Variety is the key aspect of this server.

  1. Kid Club

Kid Club is run by connectedcamps.com. This has more of an after-school club feel. They have online summer camps that teach kids team building, communication, and critical thinking through challenges. And they have free kid friendly servers with special events that kids can join. These are moderated by game development, computer science, and design programs in universities.

  1. Minesquish

Minesquish is a very popular server in the Minecraft world. It has a landing town for new players to land in so everyone begins the same way. Players can acquire land to build homes, get resources in an exploration world, and even participate in “build-offs” in which participants compete to build the best structure. If you’re like me and just like to build, there is a flat “freestyle world” for players to construct to their heart’s content.

Minecraft servers are a safe and inviting place for players of all ages to connect and collaborate. It is exciting as an older gamer to see the younger generation embracing the creative spaces that exist in the virtual world and using them to create friendships and networks.

So, let those creative juices flow in these awesome servers and build some amazing things!

Kaleb Nieman_BrandStormMarketingKaleb Nieman is a college student, entrepreneur, and tech geek. He is going into his senior year at the University of North Dakota, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in history. Kaleb owns a startup called Brandstorm Marketing, which manages social media and content curation for businesses. He loves technology and gaming, and spends his free time researching tech and gaming on his self-built PC. Upon graduation, Kaleb hopes to take Brandstorm to the next level by making it a large social media management agency located in Peoria, Illinois.


  1. Adrienne on October 25, 2018 at 8:52 pm

    Hi Kaleb! I met Leah in Decatur 10/23/18 and we talked about how we need to get connected to a whitelisted server via our WiiU instead of playing on an open network server. My son (13) is interested in participating in mini-games and wants to be sure that the server/s we choose have that as an option. Can he belong to multiple servers? How do we apply? How on earth do we connect to specific servers if we are using a WiiU? Thank you for your time and counsel!

  2. Adrienne on November 5, 2018 at 11:35 am

    Hi Kaleb! I met Leah in Decatur 10/2 and we talked about how we need to get connected to a whitelisted server via our WiiU instead of playing on an open network server. My son (13) is interested in participating in mini-games and wants to be sure that the server/s we choose have that as an option. Can he belong to multiple servers? How do we apply? How on earth do we connect to specific servers if we are using a WiiU?

    • Kaleb Nieman on November 5, 2018 at 8:30 pm

      Hey Adrienne! I’m so sorry for the delay in response. Servers are for the PC version of Minecraft. Console is a much more closed network where the user of the console needs to invite friends to play in their world. I have not played Minecraft on WiiU, but when I played in on Xbox, I would have to invite friends who were online if I wanted to play with friends. The people that I invited could only play in my world while I was in it. I looked on Nintendo’s website and the Mini-games operate in a similar manner as creative or survival mode where you have to invite friends to play in a mini-game with you. Nothing on their website said anything about random matchmaking, so players can’t play with random people that they don’t know. So if your sons friends have WiiU, he can invite them to play in his world when he is in the game and they can play mini-games together. If your son is interested in playing Minecraft on PC, you can register for joining a server on their website and you may be a member of multiple servers. I hope this was helpful and feel free to let me or Leah know if you have anymore questions!

  3. Steve on December 19, 2018 at 6:23 pm

    Just a heads up, the link for MineSquish is directing to indiesquish.com which has absolutly nothing to do with kids having fun or minecraft. I dont know if the link was intentional but thats what happens when you click on MINESQUISH above.

    • Leah Nieman on December 19, 2018 at 8:02 pm

      Hi Steve,
      Thanks for the heads up. Absolutely not intentional. It looks like someone grabbed their https. Sad. I’ve redirected the link to their http and it’s working. Again, thank you for the heads up.

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