5 Apps to Keep You Organized this Christmas

5 Apps to Keep you Organized for ChristmasFrom keeping track of all the gifts you have purchased to staying on top of all your holiday invites, there are a ton of things to think about during the holiday season. Luckily, technology is there to help you stay organized through it all! If you are worried about staying on top of all the details for your family this holiday season, consider using these 5 apps to keep you organized.

5 Apps to Keep You Organized this Christmas

Christmas Gift List AppChristmas Gift List

Make sure you stay on top of all your holiday shopping with the help of Christmas Gift List. This simple app will help you keep track of your holiday shopping list with ease. From setting a shopping budget to checking names of your shopping list, this handy app has everything you need to stay organized while Christmas shopping this year.

With Christmas Gift List, you can:

  • Password protect your shopping list so no one in your family can sneak a peek
  • Set a budget for each person on your shopping list
  • Take pictures of the gifts you’ve purchased and include links to the product page or receipt
  • Keep track of gifts you’ve purchased and wrapped right in the app

Christmas Gift List is available on Google Play and Amazon.


Keep track of your daily holiday to-dos with this handy app. Any.Do is a free planner and calendar app that will help you keep your daily to-do list organized right on your phone. With the help of this simple app, you can create simple to-do lists, set reminders, add calendar events, and create grocery lists. And you can share your lists and calendars with everyone in your family so each family member can stay on top of their to-do lists, too.

With the help of Any.Do, you can:

  • Keep track of events and future plans with the help of the calendar widget
  • Sync your lists and calendars with all your other devices and other members of your family
  • Set reminders to keep you on task throughout the day, week, or month
  • Create checklists and shopping lists to keep track of your holiday gifts

Any.Do can be found on Google Play and iTunes.

image of LastPass app #18 on my list of 20 Best Apps for College StudentsLastPass

Online shopping is a great way to save time and money during the holiday shopping season. But keeping track of all your passwords, credit card numbers, and account numbers can be difficult. Instead of writing down those valuable passwords on a piece of paper, consider using a more secure approach with LastPass. This handy app allows you to securely save all your passwords in one place, making it simple to keep track of all the passwords you need to log in to your favorite online stores and do some holiday shopping.

With LastPass, you can:

  • Store usernames and passwords for each of your online accounts safely in the app’s encrypted vault
  • Autofill your username and password for each site you visit
  • Sync your account with all your devices to safely keep track of your passwords on every device you use
  • Use your fingerprint to log in to your account to ensure secure access

LastPass is available on Google Play and iTunes.

CoziCozi Family Organizer

Keep your entire family organized this holiday season with the help of Cozi. This family calendar app is perfect for ensuring your family stays on top of all those holiday programs, family get-togethers, and winter doctor’s appointments. Simply add the events to your family calendar on the app, and you’ll receive reminders when you have an upcoming event. You can share the calendar with other members of your family so everyone is in the know, and you can send family members their own personal calendars and lists to keep them on track.

With Cozi, you and your family can:

  • Keep track of daily, weekly, and monthly events in the family calendar
  • Share shopping lists to help with keeping track of gift purchases
  • Create to-do lists to keep track of ongoing holiday tasks
  • Add recipe ideas to the recipe box to keep track of holiday baking

Cozi Family Organizer is available on Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon.

Venmo AppVenmo

From keeping track of your holiday spending to accepting gifts from other members of your family, Venmo is a must-have app during the holiday season. This money-tracking app allows you to easily transfer money from person to person without the need for cash or checks. That means you can split a big gift purchase with someone else in your family or simply skip the cash in an envelop and send a digital gift to someone on your shopping list.

With Venmo, you can:

  • Send a monetary gift with a personalized note to anyone with the app
  • Receive money into your account free of charge
  • Make purchases online or at local business through the app

Venmo is available on Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon.

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