5 Awesome Apps to Help You Organize Your Finances

5 Awesome Apps to Help You Organize Your Finances Keeping your finances organized is the best way to stay on track with your budget and keep from overspending. But staying organized can sometimes be easier said than done. This year, why not resolve to keep your money organized with a little help from technology? These five awesome apps will help you organize your finances once and for all.

5 Awesome Apps to Help You Organize Your Finances

Mint appMint

For overall budget tracking, Mint is a great choice for organizing your finances. Simply link all your financial accounts to the app, including checking, savings, credit cards, and investment accounts. Then, you can get a great overview of all your finances in one place. The app allows you to track your spending, create and follow a monthly budget, and set financial goals.

Mint provides you with the ability to track all your finances in one place, thanks to these helpful features:

  • Automatic bill payment and reminders. Set the app to automatically pay bills online or remind you to pay your bills manually each month.
  • Track bills and account balances in real time. With Mint, you can see all your account balances, pending transactions, and upcoming bills at a glance, allowing to stay on track from day to day.
  • Tips for better money management. Along with easy tracking, Mint also provides you with helpful tips to increase your savings and reach your financial goals.
  • Free credit score. This app also lets you stay up to date on your current credit score at no added cost and receive tips to improve your score.
  • Sync across multiple devices. Use one account across all your devices without the need to adjust your settings. Mint will automatically sync your information, no matter what device you’re using throughout the day.

Mint is available on the Google Play and iTunes.


Increasing your savings is a great resolution to make this year. But if you struggle with staying on top of your savings, you might need a little help to stay on track. With Digit, you can make saving automatic. Simply connect your checking account and allow the app to automatically transfer money to your savings account.

This simple app includes helpful features, like:

  • A personalized money tracker to help you keep track of your income and spending.
  • Automatic savings that can be divided among different accounts
  • Automatic debt repayment to pay down your debt more quickly
  • Overdraft alerts to help you avoid unwanted fees

Digit is available on Google Play and iTunes.


While Mint is great for an overarching view of your finances, if you need a more proactive app to help you stay organized, YNAB is a great option. You Need a Budget, or YNAB for short, helps you stay on top of your budget by encouraging you to follow four rules: give every dollar a job, embrace your true expenses, roll with the punches, and age your money.

The app allows you to quickly and easily import your transactions from your checking account and use your past spending habits to create a budget. As you work through your budget each month, the app allows you to adjust budgeting categories if you overspend. And with the detailed reports provided within the app, you can see areas where you can decrease or increase your spending.

This financial app has a variety of helpful features, including:

  • Real-time account tracking. Just connect your bank account to easy check your spending, even when you’re on the go.
  • Goal setting and tracking. Create financial goals within the app, then see your progress as you work toward achieving them.
  • Detailed reports. Check your goal progress, rebalance your budget, and adjust your spending with the help of detailed visual reports based on your financial accounts.

YNAB is available on Google Play and iTunes.


Tons of people have issues staying on top of all their bills. If you struggle with paying your bills on time, there’s an app to help you out! Prism tracks all your bills for you and sends you reminders to let you know when you have an upcoming payment due.

Features that will help you organize your finances include:

  • Automatic bill tracking to help you stay on top of due dates, balances, and your payment history
  • Same-day bill pay through the app to more than 11,000 different billers
  • Financial reports to help you see your spending habits from month to month

Prism is available on Google Play and iTunes.


Following a zero-based budget is a great way to make sure every dollar of your income is accounted for. But not all budgeting apps allow for this type of budget. If you would prefer to use a zero-based budget to manage your money, Everydollar is a great choice. The app, which is designed by financial expert Dave Ramsey, ensures you track all your expenses throughout the month to give every dollar a purpose.

This helpful money app includes a variety of great features, including:

  • Creating a personal budget in a matter of minutes. Use your past spending habits to create a personal zero-based budget and adjust the budget as needed with ease.
  • Track monthly spending. The flexibility to track your spending across devices and split transactions between multiple budget categories allows you to stay on budget.
  • Custom budget reports. Keep up to date on your spending and income with easy to follow reports.
  • Access to financial support. For an added fee, you can access all of Dave Ramsey’s money courses to help you improve your finances.

Everydollar is available on Google Play and iTunes.

Do you have a favorite go-to app to organize your finances? Share it with us in the comments below!

5 Apps to Help Organize Your Finances5 Awesome Apps to Help Organize Your Finances-SQOrganize Your Finances with These 5 Apps

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