5 Ways a Smart Home Can Make Your Life Easier

5 Ways a Smart Home Can Make Your Life EasierTechnology has evolved so much over the past few decades. During that time, we’ve gone from VCRs and corded phones to refrigerators that help you plan your grocery list and doorbells that record who’s at your front door.

All those advancements in technology are aimed at enriching our lives and making our day-to-day activities more convenient. If you’re on the fence about incorporating more technology into your home, I’m here to help!

Take a look at these five ways a smart home can make your life easier, and learn more about the advantages of this technology.

What is a Smart Home?

Before we get into the advantages of turning your home into a “smart home,” let’s discuss what that designation really means. Smart home technology is a suite of devices or systems that connect to your home’s network, allowing those devices to be controlled remotely.

This system of devices can also be called a connected home, because all your smart devices are essentially connected to each other and controlled by your smartphone and/or a smart hub.

Smart home technology gives you a chance to incorporate the same “smart” technology on your phone (that you take advantage of every day) in other electronic devices throughout your home. There are a variety of smart devices you could install, ranging from simple additions like a smart speaker to more advanced options, like a smart home security system.

But no matter how simple or complex your smart devices are, they all offer you and your family a variety of conveniences.

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Here Are 5 Ways a Smart Home Can Make Your Everyday Life a Little Bit Simpler

1. All-in-One Control

One of the biggest advantages of a smart home is the control you have over each and every device. Simply install an app on your smartphone and instantly have control over each smart device throughout your home.

Whether you want to turn down the heat in your house while you’re at work or want to make sure your door is locked while you’re on vacation, there’s a smart device and corresponding app that can make it happen.

And with smart speakers, like Amazon’s Echo, you don’t even need your phone to remotely control many smart devices. Simply use a voice command to tell Alexa, the device’s voice control, to turn down the volume on your smart television, turn the lights on in the next room, or change the temperature on your smart thermostat.

2. A Safer Home

One of the most popular implementations of smart technology in homes today is the use of smart security systems. And the best part about these smart systems is that they’re surprising affordable. With a smart doorbell system, you can instantly see who’s on your porch. And with a smart door lock, you can remotely lock and unlock your house without being home.

3. Energy Efficiency

While many smart home devices require more upfront costs than their less smart counterparts, their ability to make your home more energy efficient can make up that cost difference. Smart thermostats, for example, can help your heating and cooling system run more efficiently by adjusting the temperature of your home based on your daily schedule.

I have to say I love our Nest thermostat. We’ve had one for a couple years. My favorite feature of smart thermostats is the ability to control them from the app. This means we’re able to lower or raise the temperature (depending on the season) when we aren’t home to save energy, yet adjust the setting so the house is set to our normal comfortable temperature when we arrive back home. No more walking into a cold or hot home.

Smart lighting can help reduce your home’s energy usage by automatically turning on and off your lights as you enter and leave a room. This is an especially nice option for seniors or those who may have mobility issues.

4. Compatibility

While the manufacturers and models of smart home devices vary greatly, most are compatible with your smartphone and popular smart speakers. That means no matter what type of device you have or plan to purchase, chances are you’ll be able to add it to your home’s network and suite of other smart devices without issue.

That’s great news for the future, too! If you’re impressed with the ability of smart home devices today, just think about the technology we’ll be able to add to our homes in the future. The ability to easily integrate that new technology into your home is sure to make the addition of smart appliances and devices into your house an appealing idea.

5. Ease of Use

And just as compatibility and smart device installation are simple and straightforward, the majority of connected home devices are also easy to use. Since most of these devices require only an internet connection and a smartphone, installing and using them is typically incredibly simple.

The only learning curve to incorporating smart technology into your home is learning to use the accompanying app or smart home hub. That means even homeowners and family members who aren’t technologically savvy will have an easy time learning to incorporate a smart device into their daily lives. If you have questions about the variety of smart gadgets available for your home hop on over to Porch.com and check out their amazing tips and advice page. It’s full of Q&A’s on many smart home products from experts.

With all these amazing benefits, who wouldn’t want to incorporate some smart technology into their home? And with so many amazing devices to choose from, I’m sure you’ll be able to find the perfect smart home device to make your family’s life a little bit easier this year.

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