6 Great Apps to Help You Reach Your New Year’s Resolutions

6 Great Apps to Help You Reach Your New Year's Resolution6 Great Apps to Help You Reach Your New Year’s Resolutions

Reaching your new year’s resolutions is even easier now that you have the help of your smartphone. Oftentimes, people get stuck after a short time. But these 6 great apps can help you reach your new year’s resolutions more effectively. Many have reminder alerts and other ways to keep you going.

8fit app8fit for Diet and Fitness

While there are many diet and fitness apps out there, 8fit is a good new app to try. This app tracks multiple fitness goals. They even offer workout videos through the app. 8fit also helps you build a customized meal plan based on your goals, complete with recipes. The basic app is free for both Android and iOS devices. There is also a pro version for $5 a month.

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Mint AppMint for Better Budgeting and Saving More

If you’re trying to keep your spending in line, Mint is a great app to help. Just put in some basic banking info and make some budget decisions. Mint will help keep your budget in line and help you visualize your spending habits so you can make better use of your money. Mint is free for Android and iOS devices.

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Todist AppTodoist for Productivity

Need to get better organized and get more done? While there are many productivity management apps out there, you may benefit the most from something more simple. Todoist is a simple and effective to-do list app. It helps you set reminders easily and can sync with multiple devices. Todoist is a free app for both Android and iOS.

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HabitBull AppHabitBull for Breaking Negative Habits and Building Positive Ones

This handy app will help you reach your new year’s resolutions by giving you the accountability you need to break those negative habits and build positive ones. Set up a habit–one you want to break, or one you want to begin. HabitBull is incredibly flexible! It can be used as a planner to help build positive habits like drinking water, exercising, or taking your medication daily. HabitBull can be used to help you break those negative habits like nail-biting or drinking alcohol in excess. HabitBull is a free app available for both Android and iOS

Happify AppHappify for a Better Positive Outlook

This goalkeeping app can help you reach your new year’s resolutions by helping you overcome stress and negative thoughts. Happify gives science-based exercises and activities to help keep you focused on the positive things in life. It’s based on 15+ years of research. Get started with a free account. Upgrades are available with an in-app purchase for both iOS and Android users.

Cozi AppCozi for Better Family Scheduling and Organization

When I asked my friends what they use to keep everyone in their home organized and scheduled, Cozi is the app I consistently hear praise for over and over again. Cozi is the Appy Award Winner for Best Family App and named a “must-have” app for a better life by The TODAY Show. If your 2019 new year’s resolution is to take control of your family’s overwhelming schedule, Cozi is the app for you. Cozi lets you sync family calendars, shopping lists, to-do-lists, and more. It also includes a recipe box and family journal. Cozi is free with upgrades available for both iOS and Android.

You’ve taken the time to plan out your goals. Now download and use these apps so you can hit those new year’s resolutions!

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