7 TV Streaming Options That Are Perfect for Families

7 TV Streaming Options That Are Perfect for Families

7 TV Streaming Options That are Perfect for Families

There are a variety of TV streaming options available. And while many streaming services have been used by those looking to save money, some families have been holding off on cutting the cable cord. Making the decision to get rid of cable can be difficult.

If you’re worried that your family will have to miss out on watching their favorite shows if you cancel your cable subscription, don’t be! There are a variety of TV streaming options available that are perfect for families. Take a look at these seven streaming apps to figure out which ones are best for your family.

Why Use a Streaming Service?

In addition to saving you money and allowing you to get rid of clunky cable hardware, streaming services offer a variety of convenient options you may not get with a basic cable package. Streaming packages start at around $8 a month and don’t require a contract. You can even try most of these services for free before you sign up.

Chances are you already have the necessary hardware in place to watch streaming TV, too. You can access most of these services by downloading an app on your smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, or Apple TV. And, most streaming services offer parental controls or options for families so kids can stream age-appropriate content safely across the devices they use.

Seven Great TV Streaming Options for Families

Hulu With Live TV

If you love watching your favorite shows on Hulu, but want to include a live streaming option, check out Hulu with Live TV. With this package, you’ll get access to all your Hulu favorites in addition to a pretty big selection of live TV options.

If your family is worried about cutting the cable cord because you love watching sporting events, Hulu Live is the perfect TV streaming option for you. I actually love that I can toggle Hulu Live on and off since I love watching football. I can easily watch football games live and save money by selecting regular Hulu on months when I don’t need a Live TV streaming option.

On top of having access to your local channels and the big five networks, your kids can watch some of their favorite channels like Freeform, Cartoon Network, and the Disney Channel. You can also add on premium channels, like HBO, for an additional fee.

Hulu Live TV starts at $45 with options to add on DVR services and multi-stream plans.

Sling TV

Sling TV is the best budget live streaming option for families. The service’s plans start at $25 and you can customize your channels according to the types of TV your family watches. Family channels available on Sling TV include the Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Freeform, and Nick Jr.

While the channel listing is comprehensive, local channels are not available on Sling TV. You also have the option to upgrade your service by adding cloud DVR, as well as a variety of mini channel packages.

YouTube TV

With YouTube TV, you can get most of the services found on a cable network without the contract. The streaming service offers a flat $40 monthly fee, which includes local channels and unlimited storage on a cloud DVR. The service also includes live streaming of family favorites like Cartoon Network, the Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior, and Freeform.

YouTube TV is available on most devices, including Android and Apple devices, Roku, Apple TV, and a variety of smart TVs. However, Amazon Fire TV lovers do not have access to this streaming service.

PlayStation Vue

For PS4 owners, PlayStation Vue is another great live TV streaming option for families. This streaming service starts at $45 and gets progressively more expensive as you add channels. DVR is included in the base price, along with unlimited storage of your recorded shows.

Another cool feature of Vue is that you have the option to split-screen multiple channels at once. The basic Vue package includes local channels along with family-friendly options like Cartoon Network, Animal Planet, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, and Freeform. For an additional charge, you can add on sports channels and premium movie channels.

You don’t have to have a PS4 to access this app. It’s also available on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, as well as Android and Apple devices.


If live streaming isn’t all that important to your family, there are a couple of wonderful options.

Netflix is a great choice because it has a section dedicated to kids. The basic Netflix package starts at $7.99. But if you want to stream to more than one device at a time, you’ll have to upgrade. The streaming service offers a variety of kid-friendly programming, including a ton of Netflix-produced options, a variety of Disney and Marvel movies, and lots of other kid favorites.

The kid-friendly version of Netflix is simple to use, including sorting the titles by character, making it easy for kids of any age to navigate on their own.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime subscribers have access to another great streaming option – Amazon Prime Video. But even if you’re not a Prime member, you can purchase a subscription to the video service for $8.99 a month.

Your kids will love the selection available on Amazon Prime. With this streaming service, they can watch some of their favorite Nickelodeon titles, like Spongebob Squarepants and Paw Patrol, as well as PBS Kids shows, like Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and the Wild Krats.

Prime Video also includes a pretty big library of family-friendly movie titles. And you can add on your favorite premium channels, like HBO, for an additional charge.


If family-friendly content is a big priority for you when considering TV streaming options, be sure to check out PureFlix. Here you’ll find plenty of wholesome movies and television shows your entire family can watch together.

PureFlix offers everything–educational shows, documentaries, animated shows for kids, inspirational movies, comedies, and more!

I’ve never been a big “Hallmark movie” watcher. So, I tend to avoid the cheesier movies here just like I do on other TV streaming platforms. But, PureFlix has plenty of great movies and television shows. It isn’t all cheesy faith-based movies. And, I love that there is absolutely no need to screen out hundreds of shows that aren’t appropriate for little eyes.

Has your family ditched cable for a streaming service? If so, share your favorite TV streaming options with us in the comments below!


7 TV Streaming Options That are Perfect for Families

7 TV Streaming Options That are Perfect for Families-SQ

7 TV Streaming Options That are Perfect for Families

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