8 Educational TV Shows Your Kids Will Love to Stream

8 Educational Shows Your Kids Will LoveScreen time often gets vilified, but there are some amazing benefits to letting your kids enjoy their favorite games online or show on TV. When these digital elements provide your kids with educational value, they’re great ways for your kids to learn new things and build upon the lessons they’re learning in school. But finding the right educational TV shows and games can be a time consuming and difficult process when there are so many media options to sort through. If you are searching for some high quality, educational TV shows for your kids, here are 8 of my favorite picks!

8 Educational TV Shows Your Kids Will Love to Stream

The Magic School Bus

Based on the bestselling book series by the same name, the Magic School Bus has been providing kids with educational fun since the 1990s. This fun show follows Ms. Fizzle and her class as they travel on field trips in their magic bus to learn about science. Your kids will love the classic episodes of the show, which can be found on Netflix. Or they can check out Netflix’s updated version of the show, The Magic School Bus Rides Again, to learn even more.

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The Who Was Show

Learning about history can be a bit boring for most kids. But this great kid-friendly show from Netflix brings history to life in a way that your kids are sure to love. Each episode of The Who Was Show focuses on a pair of historical figures, ranging from Gandhi to Queen Elizabeth. Throughout each episode, kid actors portray the figures and provide your kids with fun and interesting facts about each person, while also using kid-friendly comedy skits and songs to help your kids learn while they watch.

Sesame Street

Since the 1960s, the puppets of Sesame Street have been teaching kids a variety of valuable lessons. And since the show is decades old and still popular among little ones, you can be sure your kids will love learning as they watch Sesame Street. While your preschooler will learn basic lessons, like colors and counting, while watching this cute show, they’ll also gain life lessons, like the importance of friendship and acceptance through the skits. New episodes of Sesame Street can be streamed for free on the PBS Kids app. Or your kids can check out older episodes of the series on HBO Max.

Super Why!

PBS can provide your kids with a variety of great educational programming, especially if you have young kids at home. Like Sesame Street, Super Why is another great PBS Kids offering that provides tons of educational value in every episode. Super Why is aimed at teaching preschoolers and kindergarteners how to read by taking them into a new story in each episode. Throughout the story, your kids will learn how to identify letters, spell, and select the correct word to fit into a sentence. Episodes of Super Why are available on the PBS Kids app.

Ask the StoryBots

With the help of robots Beep, Boop, Bing, Bang, and Bo, your kids can get all their burning questions answered. This cute show follows a group of robot friends as they explore kid-friendly questions, like “how do computers work” or “where does night come from?” Each episode of this Emmy-award winning show features cute songs, celebrity guests, and engaging animation to draw your kids in and keep them learning as they watch. Ask the StoryBots can be streamed on Netflix.

Odd Squad

This fun live-action show follows a group of problem-solving kids who uncover mysteries using math. Each episode of this popular PBS Kids show features a different math concept, breaking down the problem-solving steps to help your kids understand the process involved. The cast of Odd Squad uses teamwork to tackle any math-related problem that comes their way. But what your kids will really love about this educational show is the silly assignments the agents must tackle in every episode. They’ll have so much fun watching, they won’t even notice they’re learning, too. Your kids can watch Odd Squad on PBS Kids or Amazon Prime.

Wild Kratts

Kids interested in learning more about their favorite animals will have a blast watching episodes of Wild Kratts on PBS Kids. Each episode focuses on a different animal, giving the Kratt brothers a chance to become that animal to learn all about their habitat, eating habits, and special abilities. After the cartoon Kratt brothers return from their animal adventure, your kids will also get the chance to check out the real animal with the real Kratt brothers at the end of each episode. Your kids can watch episodes of Wild Kratts on the PBS Kids app or on Amazon Prime.

If I Were an Animal

For a real-life look at some of your kids’ favorite animals, check out If I Were an Animal on Netflix. This fun show follows real animals as they grow from a baby into a full-grown adult. As your kids watch, they will see how each type of animal grows, develops, and adapts to their surroundings, which makes this cute show a great introduction to science and biology for young viewers.

Does your family have a favorite educational tv show? Share it with us in the comments below along with your favorite place to stream it!

Educational TV Shows Kids Love8 Educational Shows for Kids

8 Educational TV Shows Your Kids Will Love


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