Apps to Help Kids Stay FocusedThere are apps for everything. And while technology can sometimes be a distraction for kids, there are many apps to help kids stay focused. These apps help kids learn to use their devices as a tool for productivity and time management. And best of all, we’re teaching our kids how to balance their media usage by using their device as a tool to accomplish tasks.

In other words, we are teaching them how to use their device as a tool instead of a distraction. Below, you’ll find several apps to help kids become masters of their time. Some of these apps help kids create and manage their daily routines. And some of these apps help kids stay focused by helping shut down distractions from their digital devices.

Remember, we model behavior for our kids. If the constant call of social media is a struggle for you, let your child know. Then, try one of these apps together as a family and work on staying focused together!

Apps to Help Kids Stay Focused

Choiceworks appCHOICEWORKS

Recommended Ages: 4 and up

Choiceworks is a great app for helping kids manage daily routines and understand and control their feelings while moving through the flow of the day. This app is especially useful in situations when kids must wait for something by giving them options to fill in wait time.

Choiceworks was created with the support of leading hospitals and child development specialists. It’s designed for caregivers, so they can provide clear and consistent support to foster a child’s independence, positive behavior, and emotional regulation at home and in the community. It can also be customized for teachers to use in a school setting.

There are four boards within the app. One board is for your child’s schedule, one board is for waiting, one board is for feelings, and one is a feelings scale board. The app comes preloaded with over 180 images and audio. Or, you can add your own images and record your own audio. You can attach a video to any board image, making it easy to show clear instructions. One nice feature is you can print boards or save them as a PDF file.


  • 2012 Wynsum Arts Apps of Distinction Award Recipient
  • 2012 Readers’ Choice Winner – Best Special Needs App
  • 2012 Gold Stevie Award Winner – Best Mobile App

In-App Purchases: No
Supports Family Sharing: Yes


Note: Choiceworks Calendar is also available.

KazuTime app


Recommended Ages: 3-8 years

KazuTime is a cute visual timer app. It’s perfect for young kids. KazuTime helps kids stay on task and visually see how long they have to complete a task or how long they have for a chore/activity. Kids select their puppy. After selecting an activity and setting the time for that activity, kids can see the time passing as their puppy races on a sled. KazuTime also includes audio and vibration options.

Users can add their own tasks to the premade list and upload/take pictures to personalize. Kids get rewarded with stars for tasks completed early and for tasks completed on time. Parents can use the stars to create their own reward system. Or, the reward system can be incentive itself to complete tasks, especially among siblings all using the app. The app comes with an arctic adventure theme. Other themes are available with an in-app purchase.

In-App Purchases: Yes
Supports Family Sharing: Yes

iOS    Google       Kindle

Bear in Mind app


Recommended Ages: 8+

Bear in Mind has it all. It’s perfect for kids and teens who are working towards independence but need help keeping track of their schedules and projects. Recurring tasks and schedules can be created. So, setting up the app is quick and easy.

One feature that makes Bear in Mind stand out from the rest is the quick phone contact list. With this feature, kids can create a contact list and personalize it by taking a picture or selecting an existing image from their photo library. Their contacts are easily on hand if they have a question, are running late, or need help.

There are 28 predefined tasks. But you can add your own custom tasks as well. You can also upload your own images for those tasks if you don’t want to use the ones which are loaded into the app’s interface. Set up to two reminders for each task. And, mark off tasks as you complete them. Kids receive a positive message when they complete all their tasks for the day.

Bear in Mind works offline. And, it requires no registration for users. That alone is worth the nominal $1.99 price!

In-App Purchases: No

Supports Family Sharing: Yes


Habitica Gamified Task Manager app

Habitica: Gamified Task Manager

Recommended Ages: 13+

Do your kids love gaming? They’ll love Habitica! Habitica has made checking off that to-do list a game. There are many great ways to help kids stay focused using Habitica. Set up “Habits,” “Dailies,” and “To-dos” to help keep kids on track with their schedule.

Completing tasks earns them experience points, in-game currency, and a chance to find eggs to raise into pets. You won’t have to nag your kids about their chores. Instead, their game health will slowly be sapped when they miss a deadline or forget a daily task. Habitica is perfect for group projects or for accountability. Kids can form groups with friends and tackle a task together. Habitica’s gamification makes doing anything from homework to household chores fun.

In-App Purchases: Yes
Supports Family Sharing: Yes

iOS    Google       Kindle

Anydo app To-Do List, Calendar, Reminders & Tasks

Recommended Ages: 13+ has been around for a while. And, it’s clear why this award-winning app is so popular. It’s streamlined with everything you need to stay focused on the tasks you need to do. lets you add and share a project. So, this is a great app to help kids stay focused on projects when working with friends.

Kids can also add a task and break the task into sub-tasks. It’s perfect for helping kids stay focused through long projects like a term paper or science fair project. Kids can set reminders for things like “take out trash” or “practice piano” so they can become responsible for these items on their to-do list.

In-App Purchases: No
Supports Family Sharing: Yes

iOS    Google     Alexa Skills

Hatch-Stay focused app

Hatch – Stay Focused

Recommended Ages: 6+

Staying focused on a task when your device is getting constant notifications and texts from friends is tough. Most adults have trouble putting their device down and staying on task. It’s even harder for our kids! Hatch is a fun way for kids to set their device aside so they can stay focused. Especially if they are struggling with screen dependency.

With Hatch, kids can set a timer in 5-minute increments. This starts the process for a hatching egg. Once the timer begins, kids can’t close the app or open another app, like Instagram. Doing so means their egg will crack and it won’t hatch. This simple gamification is better than constantly yelling, “Put down your phone!” And, kids can keep a record of how many egg breaks they have so, over time, they can see how they are growing in their ability to focus.

In-App Purchases: No
Supports Family Sharing: Yes


Streaks app


Recommended Ages: 12+

Most apps we’ve discussed so far have been apps to help kids stay focused on tasks they need to do. These apps help kids manage things like their daily tasks and homework. Streak is totally different. It helps kids focus on creating a habit.

There are preset habits, like flossing your teeth, you can select. Or, kids can enter their own habit, like practicing the cello. Select how often the habit should be completed. Marking the habit as completed is as simple as holding down the button for it. Habits can be categorized. And, you can set reminders so you won’t forget to complete a task. It’s easy to use and perfect for creating new habits. Especially ones where you might need a bit of a motivational nudge.

In-App Purchases: No
Supports Family Sharing: Yes


What are your favorite apps to help kids stay focused? Share them with us in the comments section!

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