Best App Series
Best Apps Series

The number of apps along on the market is mind-blowing. Apps are big business, and we’ll see more apps hit the market in the future. So sorting through the app marketplace to find the best apps can be a daunting task for many parents. It doesn’t help that the label “educational” doesn’t really seem to be a fitting label for all apps which fall into that category.

So, how do we sort through all the apps labeled in the marketplace the best apps? Apps that offer kids some quality educational value?

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In my Best App Series you'll find apps for iOS, Android, and Kindle. I’m a believer in apps for all devices. I love nothing more than to see a developer make their app available for as many platforms as possible. The exception to this is when it comes to apps for Special Needs learners. Many of the best apps for Special needs learners just aren’t available for Android and Kindle. If you are considering purchasing a device because you have a child with special needs get an iPad. Really! I tell you this as a die-hard Android/Google girl.

I've broken this series into apps by subject and age including apps for iOS (Apple), Android (Google Play Store), and Kindle (Amazon). I've also written a post dedicated to each device. This originally started as 10 Best Apps for each subject, age, and device category. But, I'm always looking for great quality apps. When I find quality, educational apps for any of my categories, I add them. So, most of the categories now have more than 10 apps. My hope is the series will provide users of all devices to find a variety of quality apps for all ages.

Best Apps Series

10 Best Apps Series
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