6 Awesome Augmented Reality Apps for Kids

Augmented Reality Apps for KidsAugmented reality apps are a great way to combine the real world with digital fun. And while a handful of these apps are geared toward adult users, there are several fun games that are perfect for kids. From educational apps to silly games, these cool augmented reality apps are a fun way to enjoy tech time together as a family.

6 Awesome Augmented Reality Apps for Kids

Pokemon-Go-appPokemon Go

One of the most popular augmented reality gaming apps on the market, Pokemon Go is a favorite among kids. The game uses your device’s GPS to track the streets and roads you’re traveling on, allowing your child to catch and train Pokemon characters around your real world.

In addition to tracking characters, players can also come upon designated landmarks where they can collect game-up tokens that will help them as they play.

This entertaining adventure game has a variety of fun features, including:

  • The ability to catch more powerful Pokemon as you advance through the game
  • Multi-player battles against other players
  • Multi-player team battles against computer opponents

While Pokemon Go is free to play, there are in-app purchases available. If your kids are new to gaming, don’t miss these Pokemon Go discussion topics for families.

This augmented reality app is available on iOS and Android devices.

Monster-Park-appMonster Park – AR Dino World

This augmented reality app is a must-have for dinosaur-loving kids. Monster Park will allow your kids to get up-close-and-personal with a variety of dinosaurs using your phone’s camera. They can view dinosaurs in real size in the real world.

Whether you bring a triceratops into your back yard or raptor into your living room, your kids will have a blast playing with this fun augmented reality app. In addition to viewing the dinosaurs in different locations, your kids can also snap fun photos with the creatures.

This fun AR app has a ton of amazing features, including:

  • Realistic dinosaurs that look like they’re roaming in the real world when viewed through the app
  • Silly photo and video options that allow you to add dinosaurs to existing photos
  • The ability to control the dinosaurs as you play
  • Multiplayer game mode

The free version of the app comes with the T-Rex by default. To add other dinosaurs to the app, you’ll need to purchase them.

Monster Park – AR Dino World is available for iOS and Android devices.

Star-Walk-appStar Walk – Explore the Sky

Help your kids learn more about the sky above them with this cool augmented reality app. Star Walk works as a guide to the night sky by allowing your kids to identify more than 200,000 different celestial bodies and learn more about the constellations and stars in real-time.

This award-winning app has a ton of great educational features, including:

  • A night sky map with thousands of stars and constellations
  • Real-time sky tracking
  • Extensive information about each celestial body
  • Amazing space photos
  • The ability to view the sky at different points in history using the time machine feature

In addition to these free features, the app also includes a subscription option for access to even more information on space phenomenon like deep space objects, meteor showers, asteroids, comets, dwarf planets, and satellites.

Star Walk – Explore the Sky is available for iOS and Android devices.


This awesome augmented reality app will bring your kid’s coloring projects to life. Quiver combines the use of printed coloring pages and drawings with AR technology to enhance your kid’s artistic creations.

Using printable coloring pages on the app’s website, your child can create fun designs, then make them come to life with the app and your phone’s camera.

Quiver features several great educational and entertaining features, including:

  • Animated 3D renderings of your child’s artwork
  • Interactive games featuring the art your child creates
  • Educational quizzes
  • The ability to capture photos and videos of your child’s art

Quiver is available for iOS, Android, and Amazon devices.


Does it ever feel like your home is a zoo? Well, now it can be with this cool augmented reality app. With ZooKazam, you can take realistic 3D animals anywhere using your phone’s camera. With more than 40 animals in nine different categories (birds, fish, mammals, dinosaurs, invertebrates, amphibians, insects, reptiles, and pets), your kids will never run out of animals to play with.

ZooKazam is not only fun, it also has a ton of great educational features, such as:

  • Educational infographics paired with each animal
  • High resolution photo and video capture
  • Six different photo filters

ZooKazam is available for iOS and Android devices.

Peronio-Pop-Up-Book-appPeronio Pop-Up Book

This cool augmented reality app combines the fun of a children’s book with a variety of unique interactive features. The app, combined with the use of kid-friendly augmented reality glasses, offers your kids a holographic gameplay experience that combines virtual reality with augmented reality.

The app follows Peronio, a young child who can’t decide what he wants to be when he grows up. As he goes through his journey, your child will have a chance to complete fun challenges and mini games along the way.

While the app corresponds with a book, your child can play the games for free with or without the book or the use of VR glasses.

Peronio is available for iOS and Android devices.

Does your family enjoy augmented reality apps? Share your favorites with us in the comments below.

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