Awesome Gifts for Your Favorite Video Gamer

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Awesone Gifts for Your Favorite Video GamerWhether your kid enjoys playing Fortnite after school or your husband loves playing classic video games, having a video gamer in your family can be so much fun. But when it comes to holiday shopping, finding the perfect gift can get difficult. There are so many video game accessories and enhancements to choose from, finding a good gift can be a little overwhelming. If you’re struggling to find a gift for the video gamer on your holiday shopping list, you’re going to love these awesome gifts for your favorite video gamer.

Awesome Gifts for Your Favorite Video Gamer

Oculus Quest VR Gaming Headset

With this high-tech gift you can instantly enjoy the next level of gaming. Simply set up your phone with the mobile app, place it in the Oculus Quest and start playing. And with the touch controllers that precisely recreate your hands and the beyond room-scale, which helps the system work within your environment, you can enjoy new virtual reality worlds anywhere.

Retro Arcade Game

Your older gamer will love the nostalgia that comes along with playing this retro arcade game. With authentic 80s graphics and joy stick controls, they’ll feel like they’re back in the arcade playing Asteroids.


Video Gaming Socks

If you’re looking for a great stocking-stuffer for your video gamer, these funny video gaming socks are perfect. With the phrase, “I’m gaming. Do not disturb” on the bottom, they can easily let everyone know they’re busy playing their favorite game with these fun socks.

Xbox Game Pass

A gamer can never have too many games, which is what makes this gift so perfect. With Xbox Game Pass, they’ll have access to over 100 high-quality console and PC games right on their console.



Cell Phone Game Controller

Making gaming on a cell phone a little easier with this cell phone game controller. Just snap a phone onto the controller and play games on a phone as if you were playing on a console.


Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Long hours of staring at a screen can wreak havoc on the eyes. Make sure your gamer is protected with these blue light blocking glasses. The amber tinted lenses help minimize digital eye strain and alleviate visual fatigue from extended periods of time staring at a screen.

Retro Video Game T-Shirt

Let your gamer show their love of classic video games with this cool retro video game shirt. Featuring the Atari logo in a vintage-style print, this cool shirt is perfect for any video gamer on your list.



Xbox One

With 1 terabyte of storage, 4K streaming, and two included controllers, you can provide your favorite video gamer with endless entertainment with an Xbox One. Whether they’re playing their favorite game or enjoying a high def movie, they can do it all with this all-in-one gaming console.

Xbox External Hard Drive

In spite of the large hard drive, if your gamer has a big collection of games, they’re going to need extra storage. This small hard drive will hold more than 50 digital games with two terabytes of storage. And the best part about this storage solution is that your gamer won’t experience game lag when they play because this hard drive is optimized specifically for the Xbox.

PlayStation 4

If your gamer is more of a PlayStation fan, help them upgrade their game with the PlayStation 4 Slim Console. The console features one terabyte of storage and high definition gaming, making it perfect for any gamer on your list.


PlayStation Store Gift Card

Whether they want to get a new game or upgrade the character on their favorite game, a PlayStation Store gift card is a great gift for a gamer.



Nintendo Switch

If your gamer loves playing in the comfort of their home and on the go, the Nintendo Switch is the perfect holiday gift. With this mobile gaming system, they can play in HD on their TV or take the portable controllers on the go while playing in handheld mode.

Gaming Chair

Give the gift of comfort this holiday season with this gaming chair. In addition to a comfortable seat, this chair also includes two speakers on the headrest and a subwoofer in the back to provide surround sound as they play.


Game Capture

Help your gamer become an internet star with this cool device. Game Capture streams and records gaming moments as they play, so they’ll have plenty of footage for their YouTube channel.


Charging Station

Make sure your gamer’s controllers are always charged and ready to go with this handy gift. This charging station allows them to charge and store their controllers until they’re ready to play their next game.


PlayStation Classic

The classic controls and 20 included games will give your gamer nostalgia for games of their childhood when they play with the PlayStation Classic.




Gaming Headset

With high quality sound and a noise isolating microphone, your gamer can play their favorite multiplayer games without disturbing the rest of the house thanks to this gaming headset.

Family Playing Video Games

Family Enjoying Video Games

Awesome Gifts for Your Favorite Video Gamer


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