Best Apps for College Bound Young Adults

Most college students hit the campus with some sort of digital device in hand. As a parent it’s been fun to show my kids all the great apps available. And, I’ll admit my kids have shown me many useful apps as well. It’s important that my kids enter the world as young adults who understand and use their digital devices as a tool. I want them to have a strong arsenal of apps to help them succeed. I don’t want their smartphone to be a distraction.

This week we’re going to focus on great apps for those college bound, young adults in our lives.

College AppsToday I’m featuring 4 apps to help get your first semester at college off to a good start.


  • Chegg

College textbooks can be expensive! Chegg lets you find rentals of textbooks you need! Use the easy app to search for a book and put in an order. You can rent books you don’t need again via Chegg as well.

Google Play Store



  • helps millions of users create and organize their tasks and get them done. College students or young adults with busy schedules can create a to-do list to help them remember things they need to accomplish. Their list syncs across multiple devices so it can be accessed anywhere. New entries can be created quickly by using the easy touch interface or voice feature to add it. You can set a reminder to complete the task and swipe or even shake to clear it. This really is an easy to use and functional to-do list application.

Google Play Store


  • Self Control for Study

You need to study (or work) and you need to be “plugged in” for research. But, you’re tired and distracted and quite honestly it’s so tempting to check your social media accounts every 5 minutes. In comes Self Control for Study. With this app you can block the websites that distract you from studying. Just set it for the amount of time you need. When you are finished studying or you’ve finished that big project, come back to your favorite websites again! I love this app is all about self-monitoring. Parents, you might find it useful for yourself as well.

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  • Studious

It’s hard remembering new class schedules and routines. Studious helps keep young adults on time. Simply enter all information about your class, time, professor, and location. Studious will remind you about it. You can also enter important assignments and test dates.

Google Play Store


Feel free to share apps your college student found useful in the comments below. And, join me all week long where I’ll be sharing more apps for our college bound young adults.

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