Best Apps for Expecting and New Parents

Best Apps for Expecting and New Parents

When I was expecting my daughter, pregnancy apps were not available. In fact, the Internet was so slow you could literally make a sandwich in the time it would take a page to load. But now, expecting and new parents have information at their fingertips.

There are a number of great apps on everything from what to expect during pregnancy to baby care. And since my daughter is expecting our first grandchild, I dove in and explored the best apps for expecting and new parents.

I’ve divided this list into two sections. At the top, you’ll find apps which function as all-in-one pregnancy apps. Meaning, these apps cover a wealth of topics ranging from pregnancy through birth. And, many cover baby care as well. In the second section, I share apps which serve a specific purpose. So, you’ll find photo apps, social apps, and other apps all focused on new parents and babies!

Best Apps for Expecting and New Parents

What to Expect Pregnancy AppWhat To Expect Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

What to Expect When You’re Expecting was my favorite book when I was expecting my two kids. This app is basically the book on steroids…in app form. What could be better?! The What to Expect Pregnancy & Baby Tracker guides expecting moms through pregnancy day-by-day and week-by-week. To get started you simply enter your baby’s due date. If you don’t yet have your baby’s due date you can use the pregnancy due date calculator. Once you have that set you’ll get personalized information regarding your baby’s development, expert tips, helpful articles, and up-to-date parenting news.

This pregnancy app is well-rounded! If you are hoping to download and use one app while you are expecting, this is the one.

Some favorite features:

  • Personalized pregnancy tracker shows your baby’s daily development week-by-week.
  • Over 15,000 articles covering virtually every topic on pregnancy and parenting, from preconception through the toddler years
  • Daily tips for expecting moms with the latest health news
  • Pregnancy videos that show what to expect this week
  • Personalized Baby Registry checklist and recommendations for the best baby products from other moms
  • Search tools so you can find answers to the questions you have about your pregnancy quickly
  • Special groups so you can connect to others with a common interest

Available on iOS and Android.


WebMD Pregnancy AppWebMD Pregnancy

The website we know and trust to get medical advice and resources has a pregnancy app. If you are an iOS user, you are in luck because it’s currently only available in the iTunes Store. If you have an Android device and are super bummed right now, WebMD does offer WebMD Baby in the Google Play Store.

The WebMD Pregnancy app gives expecting moms doctor-approved tips and health answers. The app absolutely does not replace the regular care and instructions you receive from your OB doctor. But, it does give you guidelines for normal changes happening in your body during your pregnancy. And, it gives you suggested questions you can ask your doctor when you go for your prenatal visits. If you are experiencing “pregnancy brain,” there is a handy place for you to record the answers from your doctor as well.

WebMD Pregnancy has all the essentials you’d want in a pregnancy app without being overwhelming.

Some favorite features:

  • Your Pregnancy Week by Week section is complete with illustrations. Here you monitor both changes in your body and it shows your baby’s daily development week-by-week.
  • Pregnancy A-Z section is great for finding answers to your pregnancy questions like what to eat and what medications to avoid. The Pregnancy Glossary is especially helpful for looking up terms like “Apgar Score” and “Braxton Hicks.”
  • Symptom Tracker is a place where you can log symptoms you might be experiencing.
  • Weight and Blood Pressure Tracker: Log your weight and blood pressure changes to share with your doctor.
  • Checklists: Add notes, set reminders, and create custom lists based on everything from what to buy to postpartum care advice.
  • Be sure to get all your questions answered when you visit your doctor by checking out the Ask My Doctor section. Here you’ll find a great list of questions for every stage of your pregnancy.
  • The Kick Counter and Contraction Timer make it easy for you to keep track of your baby’s movements and your contractions.
  • The Appointment and Journal sections help you set helpful reminders and take notes.

Available on iOS.


BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker CountdownBabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker & Countdown to Baby Due Date

The is the perfect comprehensive app for expecting parents who want an app that transitions into a parenting app once your baby arrives. Enter the due date and the BabyCenter app will give you a countdown to your baby’s due date. Day by day, and week by week, you’ll get pregnancy tips and fetal development videos timed for each stage of pregnancy.

Some of my favorite features on the BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker & Countdown app:

  • Ovulation Calculator & Calendar for those trying to get pregnant
  • Pregnancy Calendar with hundreds of helpful articles
  • Real childbirth and inside-the-womb videos
  • Interactive images showing stages of your child’s development
  • The Baby Bump Photo Diary captures weekly baby belly pictures. Then it turns them into a fun time-lapse video.
  • Contraction Timer and Baby Kick Counter
  • Baby Registry Checklist
  • Baby Names Finder

Once your baby arrives you can continue using the BabyCenter app. Some of the features you’ll love are:

  • Health & Safety articles and videos for your new baby. And, tips for taking care of yourself too!
  • Daily Baby Calendar and Growth Tracker
  • Activity suggestions for baby and mommy time
  • Sleep Guide and Lullaby Music for babies
  • Feeding Guide with tips for both breastfeeding and formula

Available on iOS.


The Bump Pregnancy AppThe Bump Pregnancy Countdown

If you planned your wedding using The Knot, then chances are you’ll love this pregnancy app from them. The Bump is the original app which uses fruit to let expecting parents know the size of their developing baby. You’ll never look at fruit the same way again! But, this pregnancy app isn’t all about cute fruit. The Bump Pregnancy Countdown offers great resources for expecting and new moms.

Some favorite features:

  • Weekly Updates: The Bump gives a great visual of your baby’s growth in utero by comparing it to fruit. So, weekly you’ll get a beautifully illustrated image showing your baby’s size (ex. “Baby Is As Big As a Peach”). You’ll also receive updates about the changes happening to both your baby and body.
  • 3D interactive visualization of your baby’s growth week by week
  • Daily articles relevant to you.
  • Planner with important information regarding your prenatal visits and suggested questions to ask your doctor
  • Have questions? Get answers quickly from three sources:

1) The Bump editorial staff

2) The Bump team of experts, including leading doctors from One Medical, Maven Network, and Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York

3) Moms like you

  • Register for the baby items you need easily. You’ll find over 15,000 products across Target, Amazon, buy buy Baby and Walmart, WITH REVIEWS for most of the products. The Bump tracks your registries across multiple retailers so you can keep tabs on what you’ve registered for, what’s been purchased, and items still left to purchase on your registry.
  • Create a weekly album of your growing baby bump. And once baby is born, expand your album to track your baby’s first year of life.

Available on iOS.


Ovia Pregnancy TrackerOvia Pregnancy Tracker

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker is one of three apps from Ovia Health. If you have Ovia Health as a benefit through your employer or health plan, be sure to enter your employer and health plan information. Doing so gives you access to an amazing set of tools and features. These tools vary but can include health coaching, personalized content about your benefits, and health programs such as breastfeeding preparation, gestational diabetes prevention, mental health education, and more!

Even if Ovia Health isn’t a benefit through your employer or health plan, it’s a great app for expecting moms. The pregnancy tracker app gives you a week-by-week rundown of your baby’s development. You will find tons of medical advice and information as you are counting down the days until your due date!

Some of my favorite features for expecting moms are:

  • Baby size comparisons: We’ve talked above about apps which give a week-by-week comparison of your baby’s size as fruit. With Ovia Pregnancy Tracker you get to pick from some fun themes. So, if the thought of visualizing your baby as fruit means shopping for fruit will make your stomach turn for the next nine months, you can choose to see your baby’s size as a toy, pastry, or baby animal.
  • In addition to seeing your baby’s size, you’ll get a visual of your baby’s hands and feet as they grow, compared to how big they’ll be at your due date!
  • Comprehensive pregnancy tracker which lets you track your health, pregnancy milestones, baby bump photos, appointments, and notes
  • Stay on top of your fitness while pregnant by syncing your fitness tracking device
  • Daily articles and weekly videos show you what’s going on during your pregnancy
  • Safety lookup tools for symptoms, food, and medication
  • Customize Ovia Pregnancy Tracker with themes and colors so it truly feels like it fits you
  • Kick counter & contraction timer
  • Pregnancy loss information and support
  • Postpartum articles and tips

Available on iOS and Android.

Ovia Health offers apps for Fertility and Parenting as well. They are available for iOS and Android.


But, what if you don’t want a full service pregnancy app? There are plenty of apps for expecting and new parents that can meet a specific need. Here are a few apps to check out.

Kinder-Pass-AppKinderPass: Baby Development, Health and Parenting

As a parent, you’re always on the lookout for ideas to keep your baby and young child engaged in activities that combine fun and learning. This app is the perfect solution, with lots of activities and ideas to encourage brain development among babies in the most crucial period of birth till 5 years. All activities are based on the play to learn concept and are well researched and backed by early childhood experts. What’s more, it fits perfectly into your busy schedule as your personal child development guide, offering personalized activity recommendations, articles as well as a growth tracker.

Some interesting features

  • 1200+ activity ideas for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers to stimulate physical and cognitive growth and brain building in a fun and easy way
  • All activities are categorized by age, desired skill development and suggested time. Each activity explains HOW it helps in building a particular skill, be it physical, cognitive, language or social and WHY it is important.
  • Simply enter your baby’s date of birth to receive age-appropriate activity recommendations, without having to search and select one
  • No fancy equipment or screen time is involved, with everyday items being used in interesting ways for exercise and experiments with clear instructions and videos
  • The option to review an activity after completion, so future recommendations are adapted accordingly
  • A physical growth tracker that helps you monitor your baby’s height and weight
  • Development milestone tracker to mark your baby’s ability to master skills relevant to their age
  • Articles and parenting tips on breastfeeding, child health, foods, massage techniques, travel tips, art and craft and everything else
  • Articles on pregnancy, prenatal and postnatal health and wellness

Available on iOS and Android


Full Term Contraction TimerFull Term – Contraction Timer

When contractions begin, you want a way to keep track of them easily. Full Term makes it easy. It’s as simple as clicking a single button to track the start and end of each of your contractions. The app has one purpose: to keep track of the times, durations, and frequency of the entire labor period. And, it does it beautifully! You can easily edit or add a contraction. And, you can add notes to contractions. Your full labor history and contraction progress will be saved regardless of whether you restart the application during your labor, or restart the entire device. You even have the option to email your contraction history to your doctor, nurse, or midwife.

Available on iOS and Android


BabyName AppBabyName

Do you and your partner have very different ideas when it comes to naming your baby? You had a picture of how fun it would be selecting a name. But, discussions are becoming more like stand-offs. BabyName can bring the fun back into selecting a name for your baby. Both parties set up a profile and sync them. Then you simply swipe on the names–right for “yes” or left for “no.” When both of you like a name, you get a name match. All of your matches go to a shared list. I love that BabyName helps you easily narrow down shared names you love and gives you a starting point for selecting the perfect name for your baby.

Available on iOS and Android


Baby Names App by Nametrix PremiumBaby Names by Nametrix Premium

Baby Names by Nametrix is the perfect baby name app for those who really want to know everything about a name. On top of the origins & meanings for any given name, you also learn countries where each name is most common, 100-year popularity graphs, name variations, political party leanings, and professional leanings.

Available on iOS and Android


Matriarc appMatriarc

Matriarc isn’t a fitness app for new moms. It takes a wholistic approach and lands squarely in the center between fitness and wellness. Many new moms are intimidated and uninformed about postpartum exercise. They teeter between doing nothing or jumping back into intense exercise too quickly. And, in doing so, women can raise their risk of lower back, hip, and knee pain. Matriarc guides you through a unique progressive series of deep breathing, kegel exercises, stretching, and simple core exercises. These exercises are short in length and equipment-free, making them do-able for new moms. But, Matriarc doesn’t just focus on exercises. It includes a meditation series, and a community which offers all sorts of advice on wellness, nutrition, and parenting.

Available on iOS


Babylist Registry AppBabylist Baby Registry App

Babylist lets you build your baby shower registry from all your favorite baby stores. So, you aren’t limited to when you select the items you want for your baby. It’s quick and easy to edit your registry. One great feature is the ability to see who purchased an item for you. This means you’ll be able to easily get information on the giver so you can send a thank you.

Available on iOS and Android


Peanut appPeanut

Are you an expecting mom or a new mom feeling like you need some mom friends? Peanut is a social networking app just for moms. At Peanut you can chat and create meetups with moms local to you. Or, simply connect with other like-minded moms to share experiences across meaningful topics.

Available on iOS and Android


Tinybeans appTinybeans

Tinybeans is a beautiful photo journal app that lets you save your favorite baby photos and videos. Your child’s photos, developmental milestones & baby growth are organized for you into a family album and are easy to share with your friends and family. Babies have amazing growth spurts during their first year of life. And, Tinybeans lets you capture images of your baby’s first year so you can easily turn your family journal into a beautiful photo book. Tinybeans is a free app. But, many of the fun features are part of the subscription program.

Tinybeans Premium is $8/month, $50/year, or $250/lifetime.

Available on iOS and Android


Baby Pics Photo EditorBaby Pics – Photo Editor

Baby Pics will help you capture and share your pregnancy and baby milestones. You simply take a photo. Add a filter. Then select from over 1000 beautiful artwork overlays to mark your special moment. Add text from Baby Pics’ selection of cute typography to personalize your image. Once you have your image ready, you can share it with family and friends through text, email, or social media.

Available on iOS and Android

Do you have Amazon Alexa or Google Home? Be sure to try Baby Stats

Do you have a favorite app for expecting and new parents? Share it with us in the comments below!

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