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image noting the Best Bible Apps for KidsBest Bible Apps for Kids

We all know that there are tons of apps geared to kids on the market today, but the truth of the matter is, most of those apps are not faith-based. The good news is that there are several Christian apps out there that are both engaging and educational, you just have to know where to look! In addition to apps that will help your child become better acquainted with the Bible, there are several wonderful Christian apps that provide quality children’s entertainment.

As part of my 10 Best Apps series, I searched for the best Christian and Bible apps on the market today. These wonderful apps are available on a variety of platforms, making it simple for everyone to enjoy them, no matter what device you’re using.

Best Bible Apps for Kids

icon of BIBLE BY LIFE.CHURCH #1 on the Best Bible Apps for Kids list#1 BIBLE BY LIFE.CHURCH

Recommended Ages: 10 & up

The most downloaded Bible on every device comes from Life.Church (which also owns the site Bible.com), and for good reason! In addition to the option to download the Bible in a variety of languages, this Bible app also includes a ton of reading plans ranging from dealing with anxiety and depression to becoming a leader through God.

With this handy app, your older children can go from their desktop reading plans to reading on their Kindle or iPhone with ease. Their bookmarks and notes will also easily transfer from device to device, ensuring they’ll never lose their place again.

They can also connect with their friends on social media by sharing their reading plan progress and sharing inspirational Bible verses as a visual meme. Preteens will especially love the Bible-related videos which make the Bible come alive. The icon for Bible By Life.Church almost suggests it is the most old and boring of all Bible apps. I’ll admit, that’s exactly what I thought. Trust me when I say this is a Bible app that’s anything but old and boring.

In-App Purchases: No
Supports Family Sharing: Yes

iOS     Android     Kindle

icon for Bible App for Kids #2 on Best Bible Apps for Kids list#2 BIBLE APP FOR KIDS

Recommended Ages: 6-8

Also created by Life.Church, but geared toward a younger audience, Bible App for Kids offers easy, kid-friendly navigation that is designed to encourage your children to begin a lifelong love of the Bible. This fun app uses interactive adventures and animations to make the Bible’s stories more engaging for children of any age. The app includes a variety of popular Bible stories geared toward children, including:

  • Creation of the world
  • Adam and Eve
  • Noah’s ark
  • Abraham and Isaac
  • The birth of Jesus
  • David and Goliath
  • The Last Supper, and many more.

In addition to these interactive stories, the app also includes activities designed to help your children remember the details of each tale, including special challenges that let them earn rewards. Bible App for Kids is also available in a variety of languages.

In-App Purchases: No
Supports Family Sharing: Yes

iOS    Android    Kindle

icon for Bible Gateway #3 on the Best Bible Apps for Kids#3 BIBLE GATEWAY

Recommended Ages: 10 & up

As one of the top Bible study sites on the web, Bible Gateway is often a go-to website for Christians. The app, connected with this helpful site, is also an amazing tool for Bible study for older children. The app allows you to bookmark passages, highlight text, and add notes as you read. And, you can share Bible passages with your friends via a variety of social networks through your device.

Additionally, you can conduct a search of the Bible and set up your own reading plans through this handy app. You can even listen to an audio version of the Bible. The audio feature made this a winner for me when accessing Bible apps since I do much of my reading using audiobooks.

While the basic version of this app is free (and supported by advertising), there is a subscription service called Bible Gateway Plus, which allows you to remove the ads. This upgrade includes access to a library of reference books for more in-depth Bible study, including:

  • NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible
  • NIV Study Bible Notes
  • NIV Quest Bible Notes
  • Mounce’s Complete Expository Dictionary
  • Zondervan Illustrated Bible Dictionary
  • New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology

The subscription costs $3.99 a month, but you can sign up for a 30-day free trial to see if it’s right for your child before buying.

In-App Purchases: Yes
Supports Family Sharing: Yes

iOS    Android   Kindle

icon for Pray as You Go #4 on the Best Bible Apps for Kids list#4 PRAY AS YOU GO

Recommended Ages: 10 & up

This wonderful app will help your child pray on the go. Whether you’re on vacation or sitting in the doctor’s office waiting room, Pray as You Go will help them pray whenever they find time in their busy day. This app creates a new prayer session each day by creating a framework for their prayers with a combination of music, scripture, and questions that will encourage them to reflect upon their life as they’re praying.

In-App Purchases: No
Supports Family Sharing: Yes

iOS    Android
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icon for JUST1WORD #5 on the Best Bible Apps for Kids list#5 Bible +1

Recommended Ages: 10 & up

With a user-friendly interface and a large selection of modern Bible translations, Just1Word is a great option for older Christian children looking to enhance their Bible study on the go. The app offers a subscription plan for $0.99 a week, which will allow you to download any of the app’s many Bible translations. You can also purchase Bible downloads a la carte if you don’t want to subscribe. Here are a few of the handy features of this app:

  • Get the most popular versions of the Bible available today.
  • The user-friendly menu gives you quick access to all the app’s features.
  • A smart search option helps you filter results to easily find what you’re looking for.
  • Take notes and highlight sections of the text simply.
  • Enjoy daily reading plans that will expand your biblical knowledge.

In-App Purchases: Yes
Supports Family Sharing: Yes

iOS     Android

icon for PocketBible #6 on the list of Best Bible Apps for Kids#6 POCKETBIBLE

Recommended Ages: 10 & up

PocketBible from Laridian was a pioneer in the mobile Bible study arena, and their app has only improved over time. While the app does feature some free content, the more advanced tools available on PocketBible are part of the app’s subscription package, including Bible e-editions, commentaries, lexicons, and dictionaries.

The app’s user interface is simple to use, with a handy toolbar along the bottom of the screen that has everything you’ll need to take full advantage of this app. Here are some of the great features of this app:

  • Lightning fast continuous scrolling
  • A book/chapter/verse chooser that allows you to quickly find what you’re searching for
  • Search by word or phrase
  • The ability to look at multiple books at the same time by opening up to two panes on your phone or five panes on your tablet
  • Record what you learn by highlighting verses, taking notes, and setting bookmarks
  • Track your reading progress through reading plans and devotionals
  • Synchronize your notes between your other devices
  • Easily adjust the font, text size, and background color to make reading simpler

In-App Purchases: No
Supports Family Sharing: Yes

iOS    Android      Kindle

icon for Superbook #7 on Best Bible Apps for Kids#7 SUPERBOOK KIDS BIBLE, VIDEO & GAMES

Recommended Ages: 10 & up

Created by the Christian Broadcasting Network, this kid-friendly app features an easy-to-understand Bible geared toward young readers, Bible-related videos, and interactive games. In addition to 14 full-length videos from the Superbook animation series, Superbook Kids Bible also includes:

  • A full Bible for kids, available in multiple versions
  • An audio Bible
  • More than 20 Bible games, including word games, action games, and trivia
  • Daily kid-friendly Bible verses
  • Hundreds of profiles of people, places, and artifacts in the Bible
  • Answers to common questions kids have about the Bible, God, and Jesus
  • Interactive content and videos
  • A personalized Bible for your child, which allows them to bookmark verses, take notes, highlight passages, and add photos within the Bible’s pages

In-App Purchases: No
Supports Family Sharing: Yes

iOS    Android    Kindle

icon for PureFlix #8 on Best Bible Apps for Kids#8 PUREFLIX

Recommended Ages: 10 & up

Enjoy thousands of faith-based and family-friendly entertainment options on any device with this app. PureFlix is the most extensive faith-based video streaming service on the Internet, featuring a huge selection of movies, TV shows, children’s programming, documentaries, educational videos, health and fitness programs, and Christian titles.

Each video is delivered in high resolution through a user-friendly interface that can be navigated by anyone in the family. The streaming service offers exclusive original content, in addition to well-known titles like Veggie Tales, Akeelah and the Bee, Heartland, Left Behind, and Revelation Road.

In-App Purchases: No
Supports Family Sharing: Yes

iOS    Android    Kindle

Noahs-Ark#9 Noah’s ark Bible Story Book

Recommended Ages: 8 & under

With gorgeous illustrations and fun interactive games, your young child will love learning the story of Noah with this Bible app. In Noah’s Ark Bible Story Book your child will:

  • Help Noah and his sons build the ark
  • Help the animals board the boat
  • Guess animal sounds
  • Guide the boat through the flood waters
  • Send a dove from the boat to find land
  • Navigate new land and help the animals get off the boat
  • Help Noah’s family build a home on the new land

In addition to playing fun games as the story progresses, your child will have the option of reading the story themselves or having a narrator read the story to them.

In-App Purchases: Yes
Supports Family Sharing: Yes

iOS    Android

icon for JellyTelly #10 on Best Bible Apps for Kids#10 JELLYTELLY

Recommended Ages: 10 & up

The only Christian streaming app designed especially for kids, JellyTelly was co-created by VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer. This app offers a ton of faith-based TV shows and movies for kids and is so easy to use, a child of any age could easily navigate through the options. This streaming service features a variety of popular Christian kids shows, such as:

  • VeggieTales
  • 3,2,1 Penguins
  • Friends and Heroes
  • Davey and Goliath
  • Hoop Dogz
  • The Jesus Storybook Bible
  • Adventures in Booga Booga Land, and many more.

For a monthly subscription fee, users can also access a variety of other faith-based family resources aimed at helping your entire family strengthen your faith together in addition to the streaming service.

In-App Purchases: No
Supports Family Sharing: Yes

iOS    Android    Kindle

Do your kids have a favorite Bible app? Share with me so I can add it to my list of Best Bible Apps for Kids!


Best Bible Apps for Kids

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