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Staying Connected

Staying connected and informed about new sites and social media trends for kids and teens

Parent’s Guide to Emojis

Emojis seem like they would be simple enough to understand. Most adults use emojis in a literal way. If you are happy, you send a . If you’re sad, you send a . When you want pizza, you send a . But in the world of teens, things aren’t as simple as that. If you have…

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4 Media Resolutions Your Family Should Make in 2017

4 Media Resolutions Your Family Should Make in 2017 The start of a year is always a great time to discuss parenting issues. And, check to see if we need to make any adjustments to our family media plan. If your family doesn’t have a family media plan yet, now is the perfect time to…

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Striving to Capture Family Memories

It’s the holiday season. That time of year when we want to capture those family memories so we can reflect back on them and share them with others. Long ago, this meant a photo was taken and placed in an album. Nowadays, it means a photo is taken and shared instantly, through a variety of…

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Is Your Child’s Mobile Phone Kid Friendly?

Many families now find it necessary to purchase a mobile phone for their kids. I realize there is much debate on kids and smartphones. This isn’t a post addressing that topic. Rather, I want to give parents who do choose to give their child a smartphone tips on making their child’s mobile phone kid friendly.…

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3 Types of Podcasts for Homeschool Moms

3 Types of Podcasts for Homeschool Moms A few of my homeschool mom friends have asked me if I have been holding out on sharing other podcast favorites. Snap! You nailed me. I do have more. I didn’t want you thinking all I did was listen to podcasts, even though some days I do. But…

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Quick Guide to Parental Controls for iOS Devices

Quick Guide to Parental Controls for iOS Devices When it comes to availability of apps and ease of use, it’s hard to beat iOS. Yes, you heard that straight from the mouth of this Android girl. Although iPads are a bit pricier than Kindle, they are hands-down the device you want if you have a…

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5 Pokémon GO Discussion Topics for Families

I probably don’t need to tell you that Pokémon GO is a huge phenomenon. I can’t go anywhere without overhearing a Pokémon GO discussion and it warms my heart. Yes, I said it. Seeing kids, families, millennials, people of all ages, genders, and cultures, out interacting and enjoying a game together – it makes me happy!…

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Quick Guide: Parental Controls for Amazon Fire Devices

*This post contains affiliate links. Recently, I was asked about parental controls for Amazon Fire devices. If you’re looking for powerful parental controls and child-friendly features in a tablet, Fire OS is actually pretty impressive. Amazon Fire devices are also amazingly inexpensive when compared to Android tablets and iPads. Amazon Fire devices give users the option of…

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