My Cell Phone Screen Broke

My Cell Phone Screen Broke

My Cell Phone Screen Broke

Like it or not, that phrase can change the mood for most of us. It means a burden on the wallet, it takes time to fix, and it’s just not fun.

It’s important to keep in mind that material things are replaceable. But cell phones aren’t just used for the occasional phone call. Most of us use our cell phones for many daily tasks.

So, what do you do when you find yourself with a broken cell phone screen?

My Cell Phone Screen Broke, and I’m Freaking Out

Take a breath

I know, it’s easier said than done. However, brains don’t operate without oxygen and it’s difficult to think through the shock and/or anger that comes when dealing with major damage to electronics.

I get it. Most of us are so used to connecting, and even working, using our phones. My phone is my lifeline. It’s hard for me to imagine being without it.

So, take a moment to breathe. Some of you might need to take several deep breaths. Once your brain starts working again, assess the damage.

  • Is your phone still working?

  • Are there colors bleeding on your screen?

  • Are there black spots?

  • Is the touchscreen still responsive to touch?

If you answered yes to these questions, it at least buys you a little more time to sort through your options.

If your answer was no, you still pretty much have the same options. And, you do have your phone. So you can begin the process of figuring out if a repair is possible.

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Mitigate your damages

If your phone and its screen are still functional, do what you can to keep them that way. If you can, limit your phone usage as much as possible to avoid dropping it again, or jostling any of the pieces of the screen loose.

You can purchase an adhesive screen protector to seal your phone and hold together the cracked pieces at most stores like Target and Walmart. This will help keep anything from getting into the cracks in the screen. It also protects your fingers. Screen protectors are inexpensive, so this is a cost-effective measure to give you time to determine if repairing your phone is the best option.

Start looking at your phone’s contract

Look carefully at your cell phone contract. If you’re eligible for an upgrade option, great! It might really be the easiest and cheapest to just move on from your phone. If upgrading isn’t an option but you have insurance, check to see if that is a viable option.

Be sure to consider your deductible. Some insurance options seem great, but have high deductibles. If you find your plan has a high deductible, paying for the repair yourself or getting a new phone might be a better alternative.

Look at your local repair options

We often forget to check resources in our own backyard when it comes to assistance with technology. But, I’ve found quick and helpful service in my local area when it comes to repairs for my devices.

Do a quick Google search for cell phone repair in your city. Check the reviews for ones that look most promising. I’d even suggest asking friends on social media which business they have used. You might be surprised how many friends have recommendations for you.

Be sure to call around a bit and compare pricing. Many local stores can do repairs within a day or two. They can get your phone repaired and back in your hands within a matter of days.

Have you broken your phone’s screen? Do you have any suggestions or horror stories to share? Leave them in the comments!

My Cell Phone Screen Broke

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