What no one tells parents about the dating app Down

Dating App Down


Today we’re getting the inside scoop on Down as we continue with Day 2 of our dating apps for parents of teens series.

Dating apps are something we need to discuss with our teens and young adults. It can be an uncomfortable topic for many parents. But, it’s a conversation all parents need to have with their teens. Do you feel lost when it comes to teens and dating apps? Don’t worry! During February we’ll be learning about some of the most popular dating apps for teens and young adults. Be sure to check my Dating Apps page to see them all.

Dating App_DownDown

Age: 17 & Up
In-App Purchases: Yes
Contains Ads: Yes


This is the original Bang with Friends app, repackaged. The purpose of this app is pretty clear from the description which reads, “Discover friends and hotties your friends know who are interested in you.”

What Teens Say

Teen gravitate to Down because their friends are using it, they want to meet people outside of their friend group, or they want to find out about these dating apps.

What Parents Need to Know

This app used to be called “Bang with Friends.” It connects using Facebook. Down users pick Facebook friends they think are “sexy.” If the friend is attracted to them, the app lets them know they are both “down to bang.”

First, users select their “sexy” friends and are told, “They won’t know until they select you, too. Once we know you’re both interested, we’ll send a notification – when and where to meet is up to you!” You swipe up to signal a date, swipe down to “get down,” and swipe left to skip a person who doesn’t appeal to you. Users only receive a notification if they are interested in you as well.

This app has no age restriction in the terms of service because users sign in with Facebook. The terms for Facebook have an age restriction of 13 years old. We know that many kids under the age of 13 are using Facebook. Let’s hope these underage users haven’t joined Down!  This is not suitable for kids, period.

Down is available for both iOS and Android devices.

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