What No One Tells Parents About the Dating App Teen Dating – Chat & Meet

Teen Dating-Meet and Chat App


I’ve been telling parents dating apps for teens are here to stay. And I’m not kidding. Teen Dating – Chat & Meet has actually been around since 2010. So while we as parents are just now wrapping our minds around them, our teens aren’t. Connecting online is normal for them.

So, take a deep breath and let’s dive in and talk about the teen dating app, Teen Dating – Chat & Meet.

Teen Dating -Chat & Meet appTeen Dating – Chat & Meet

Age: 13+
In-App Purchases: No
Contains Ads: Yes


Although Teen Dating-Chat & Meet is rated M 17+ the terms for using it are ages 13 and up. Parents, did you catch that?! A dating app for kids ages 13 and up!

Please don’t say “my child would never.” I’m the parent of two wonderful young adult millennials. I love my kids. They are awesome humans. But as a parent I’ve eaten my words often when I’ve said “my kids would never…” because the fact is my kids were just like I was as a teen. Making their own way in the world. And your kids are as well.

Our kids have grown up connecting online. It’s normal to them. So, hang on tight. Let’s talk through this teen dating app. Hopefully you’ll get some concrete information so you can have fact-based, solid information as you talk to your child.

The fact the app has been around for so many years shows it clearly has a draw for teens. Here teens can browse for others, upload photos, and text others. They can also play the popular Hot or Not game.

To get started, users register by submitting a username, birthday, gender, location, email, and password. The birthdate is meant to ensure users are in fact teens. But, it’s easy to misrepresent your DOB. And this appears to be the case from reviews posted in the Google Play Store.

Users can also sync their Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ profile.

What Teens Say

Teen are often looking for connections beyond what they are able to find at school or in social circles face to face. And, some teens find connecting online comfortable. That said, there are several teens who voiced concerns over the safety of this app.

What Parents Need to Know

Teen Dating – Chat & Meet is rated 17+ but the terms allow for kids ages 13 + to use it. It’s a location-based app. So it’s important to talk to your kids about safety when it comes to sharing their location with people they meet online. Stress the fact that it’s easy to input any DOB, making it easy for adults to create accounts.

Teen Dating – Chat & Meet does prohibit pornography. They also prohibit racism, bigotry, hatred, or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual. However, they do not have any digital citizenship information on their site. Nor do they have any information on blocking and reporting users. One has to question if they really want to know about misconduct on their app and website.

 Teen Dating – Chat & Meet is available for Android devices.


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