5 Outstanding Email Options for Kids

Email Options for Kids

I received an email a few weeks ago. In that email, one of my newsletter subscribers asked me for recommendations on email options for kids. It hit me that I talk about email providers for kids but I’ve never written about them here on my blog.

There are quite a few options when it comes to setting up an email account for your child. Most  parents I’ve spoken with are looking for an email provider which offers them some amount of control and access to their child’s account. Below are some great providers which offer a kid-friendly interface with safety features that parents need.

5 Outstanding Email Options for Kids

Google Family Link Gmail (Family Link)

Free Trial: Yes!
Cost: Free

Right out of the gate I can hear some of you groan. I get it! I answer emails from parents on an almost weekly basis who do not want their young child to have a Gmail address. If this is you, skip on down to the email options for kids #2-#5 below.

Now for the rest of you, Google has made huge strides with Google Family Link. And, many of you find your child needs a Google account for school. Being able to set up a child account that is linked and controlled by your parent account is a welcome relief. Let me share a few facts about your child’s Gmail account when you use Google Family Link to manage it.

  1. It won’t be filled with ads. That’s right! Google won’t serve up ads or emails that are otherwise advertisements to an email address for kids under 13.
  2. If Google identifies an email as SPAM, it’s deleted.
  3. Emails can’t be automatically forwarded.
  4. Kids can only read, send, and search their email while online.

You will set up your child’s Gmail account, and then mange the settings using Google Family Link.

Here is one important thing I want you to know as your child approaches the age of 13 (or applicable age in your country): Google lets the child decide who manages their account from that point forward. Before you send me a crazy message telling me I don’t know what I am talking about, please read how Google works when children turn 13. I share this because it’s incredibly important that parents be set up as the primary user on the devices their kids under 13 years old use. You can read more about this in my Parents Guide to Android.



Free Trial: Yes!
Cost: $4.95/month for up to 4 email accounts. Or, they have a cheaper annual rate of $2.99/month for up to 6 email accounts.

KidsEmail offers a safe email option for families. There are many features that parents can control. This makes KidsEmail a great email provider for families who have kids of varying ages and needs or have kids who will grow in responsibility over time. In fact, kids can grow right into a teen account with KidsEmail.

There are many features that make KidsEmail a great email option for kids.

Some of my favorite features:

  • No ads
  • Mail Que gives you the ability to check incoming email that might not pass the safety rules you have set for your child’s account. You can then approve the email to be sent to your child or deny it.
  • Contact Manager gives you the ability to add and block people on your child’s approved email list.
  • Time Restrictions give you the ability to control what days/times your child can log in to check and send email.
  • Ability to control attachment file types
  • Ability to remove links and images
  • Offensive word filter
  • Spam filter
  • Activity log

When it comes to email options for kids, it’s hard to beat KidsEmail!

Get KidsMail:          Apple App Store              Google Play Store                Amazon App Store


TocoMail-email for kidsTocomail

Free Trial: Yes!
Cost: $2.99/monthly or $29/annually

Tocomail is a simple email format that kids as young as 5 years old can begin using. There are 2 formats with Tocomail. Kids 5-7 can get started using the simplified version. Here they can select a contact from a contact list of parent-approved addresses. Then they can format their email using Tocomail’s easy interface: painting, typing, or adding photos. Once the email is sent, the receiver gets an attachment containing the email as opposed to a text-based email. As kids grow, they can move along to the standard format. Here kids select an email address from their approved contact list, then compose a standard text-based email to send.

Some of my favorite features:

  • Parents can monitor a safe contact list for kids.
  • Kids can add to their contact list. These contacts will be sent to the Monitor List for parental approval.
  • Parents can easily accept or reject an email right from the notification email.
  • Profanity filter will capture and quarantine emails containing profanities. Parents can then decide what to do with the emails.

Some people might argue there is no need for a 5-7-year-old to have an email address. In most cases I’d agree. But I do believe there are exceptions to the rules. Kids who live away from family or other important people in their lives can benefit from being able to communicate with them using a safe email provider and parental guidance. The simple email format option of Tocomail makes it an amazing email option for kids 5-7!

Get TocoMail:        Apple App Store              Google Play Store                Amazon App Store



Free Trial: Yes
Cost: Basic service is FREE! Premium service is $1.99/month or $14.99/annually

ZillaMail is a safe, web-based email option for kids 6 and up. They are in compliance with the Child Online Privacy Act (COPPA). There’s several things kids will love about ZillaMail. First, they can select their display theme. Think this doesn’t matter to kids? Are you using the default display theme for your computer? For Google? Next, ZillaMail is a part of ZillaDog.com. Here kids can not only explore the internet in a safe environment, they can learn about internet safety. ZillaMail has all the features parents want and it’s simple to use.

Some of my favorite features:

  • Parents can set up a buddy list of approved contacts. They can also approve a domain. So, it’s easy to approve all emails coming from your child’s school or a favorite kid-safe web club.
  • Parents can set up personalized information to filter out custom words and phrases. This makes it easy to set up a filter for your child’s address, phone number, or other personal information.
  • Profanity filter

If you are looking for a safe email provider for your child that is COPPA compliant, ZillaMail is it!

See a demo of ZillaMail or sign up for it today!



Free Trial: No
Cost: $1.00/month

ZooBuh is a web-based email provider for parents who are looking for something other than Gmail for their kids. ZooBuh has a colorful website that’s appealing to kids. It’s a simple email program. This makes it great for kids who know how to type but are just learning the basics of online communication.

Some of my favorite features:

  • Parents can set up a list of approved contacts for kids to both send and receive email.
  • Block specific senders
  • Restrict days/times your child can log in to check their email
  • Profanity filter allows for editing to add additional unwanted words
  • Parents can block all attachments or some types of attachments

ZooBuh does require that your computer have cookies and JavaScript enabled. Honestly, I wish they had another system in place which didn’t require the use of cookies and JavaScript as I know that’s a deal breaker for many of you. But I also know many of you are looking for email options for your kids that aren’t tied to Google. And ZooBuh’s controls for parents and kid-friendly interface make it worth mentioning.

See a demo of ZooBuh or sign up for it today!


Does your child have their own email address? Did your family go through a bit of trial and error before finding an email option that worked? Share your favorite email option for kids, or tips and tricks for setting up an email for your child below!






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