Family Friendly Minecraft Servers

Family Friendly Minecraft Servers

Minecraft has been a go-to game for many kids. But the popularity has exploded recently as parents and kids are looking for ways to connect online. And while there are a variety of servers available to Minecraft players, not all of those servers are appropriate for younger players. If you’re looking for a safe place for your gamer to play, check out some of these family friendly Minecraft servers.

Family Friendly Minecraft Servers

Finding a good Minecraft server for your kids to play on is a great way for them to play with other kids in a safe environment. But before you allow your kid to log in and start playing, it’s a good idea to check into the server to make sure it will provide them with a kid-friendly place to play.

Most family friendly Minecraft servers have these characteristics in common:

Codes of Conduct

Make sure the server you choose has a code of conduct that keeps kids in mind. Take the time to read over the server’s rules, so you understands what is allowed and what isn’t. It’s also important that your child reads the rules and abides by them as they play.


To help reduce the number of undesirable players on their servers, many kid-focused Minecraft servers require players to apply to be on a whitelist. This helps vet players before they’re allowed to access the server and helps you be sure that all players playing with your child have been prescreened before they’re allowed on the server.

Grief Protection

Griefing is a Minecraft term that describes when a player breaks, steals, or makes a mess of another player’s area, possessions, or home. Many servers have safeguards in place to prevent griefing from happening, while others punish players who take part in this act.

Chat Options

As your child plays Minecraft, they may want to communicate with other players. Before you allow your child to start playing, make sure to discuss the different chat options to decide what’s right for them. Most servers offer text chat or voice chat options.

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The Best Kid-Friendly Minecraft Servers

There are several amazing Minecraft servers for your kid to choose from, which means they’ll have plenty of options when they start playing. These are the six best Minecraft servers for kids:


Since Blocklandia was created by parents, you can be sure it’s focus is on providing a kid-friendly atmosphere for young gamers. The server uses one of the strongest language filters available for Minecraft, ensuring your kid can play in a safe location every time they log on. The server also uses a whitelist request to screen all new players before they are allowed to join, helping them cut back on griefers and problem causers.

This family-friendly server is made up of eight different worlds:

  • Shipyard: contains portals to other worlds, in addition to the server library and crafting schools
  • Neverland: a creative world in which players have access to their creative inventory, with the exception of lava and TNT
  • Paradise: an entry level survival world with no monsters or fall damage
  • Grey Havens: a more advanced survival world with monsters roaming free and fall damage
  • Mainland: a retired survival world where users can collect resources but can’t build
  • The Nether: advanced survival world with ghasts, fireballs, magma cubes, and skeletons roaming free
  • Skyblock: survival challenge in which players are marooned on a small island
  • Nightmare: world in extra hard mode available by invite only

In addition to the various worlds, this server also features three game modes strictly for playing: paintball, spleef, and survival games.

Autcraft Minecraft Server for KidsAutcraft

Designed for children with autism, Autcraft is run by adults with autism, parents of children with autism, or someone who has a family member on the spectrum. The server does not offer a voice chat option, but it is made up of more than 7,000 members, which means it’s a great choice for any family with a child on the autism spectrum.

The server has a strict code of conduct that includes:

  • No bullying, killing, stealing, or griefing
  • Swearing is not allowed
  • Player builds are protected

Towncraft Minecraft ServerTowncraft

With a commitment to being a family-friendly Minecraft server, Towncraft has been providing players with a kid-friendly place to play for seven years. The service has a clear code of conduct for players and each player must agree to the server’s rules.

Towncraft has five different servers available to player:

  • Survival. A game mode in which players must start with no tools or skills and build their way up through the town. Players can get jobs, make money, and purchase items they need within the town. And since the server features land claiming tools, your kid won’t need to worry about griefers as they play.
  • Towny. This game mode includes magic and features a town system in which your kid can interact with others playing in the game.
  • Creative. When your kid enters the creative server, they have the ability to claim their own plot of land and start building anything their imagination can create.
  • Skyblock. This fun mode starts on a floating island with minimal resources. Players must then compete with each other to earn rewards. This game mode also features a randomized version in which players are given a random item when they arrive and must build a home with whatever they’re provided.
  • Player servers. Players can also build custom servers to their liking, which means there are a variety of other player-created servers your kid can enjoy here.

Free Minecraft Server for KidsKid Club

Run by Connected Camps, Kid Club is a great place for kids interested in learning more about coding in Minecraft. The server has an after-school club feel and offers online summer camps that teach kids team building, communication, and critical thinking through challenges. In addition to the classes and camps, Kid Club also has free kid-friendly Minecraft servers. These servers are moderated by game development specialists and computer science educators.

The Sandlot Minecraft ServerSandlot

Founded by a parent and former teacher, Sandlot is another family friendly Minecraft server designed to provide younger gamers with a safe place to play and learn. The server operates with a strict chat filter. Sandlot also uses whitelisting to prescreen players before they’re allowed to access the games. A background check is performed on every player that applies to join. This helps eliminate players with a history of abusive behavior.

Sandlot features several different game modes, including survivor modes in various levels, creative modes, sky modes, and player versus player modes.


Since Cubeville is manned by a 24/7 staff, you can be sure your kid will be safe as they play – no matter when they’re online. They follow through on their commitment and offer a family-friendly gaming destination with a variety of Minecraft worlds for players to enjoy. They monitor the server regularly and require that players follow a set of rules, including:

  • Respect the staff and players.
  • Do not grief of steal.
  • Do not hack or exploit glitches.
  • No harming players outside of fighting areas.
  • No rude or vulgar language or symbols.

If you have multiple Minecraft players in your home Cubeville has 11 different gaming options to choose from. They variety of fun maps makes this Minecraft server the perfect option for families who enjoy Minecraft.

Does your family love Minecraft? What is your favorite family friendly Minecraft server? Share your favorite Minecraft server for kids along with some of the features you love about it below!


  1. Adrienne on October 25, 2018 at 8:52 pm

    Hi Kaleb! I met Leah in Decatur 10/23/18 and we talked about how we need to get connected to a whitelisted server via our WiiU instead of playing on an open network server. My son (13) is interested in participating in mini-games and wants to be sure that the server/s we choose have that as an option. Can he belong to multiple servers? How do we apply? How on earth do we connect to specific servers if we are using a WiiU? Thank you for your time and counsel!

  2. Adrienne on November 5, 2018 at 11:35 am

    Hi Kaleb! I met Leah in Decatur 10/2 and we talked about how we need to get connected to a whitelisted server via our WiiU instead of playing on an open network server. My son (13) is interested in participating in mini-games and wants to be sure that the server/s we choose have that as an option. Can he belong to multiple servers? How do we apply? How on earth do we connect to specific servers if we are using a WiiU?

    • Kaleb Nieman on November 5, 2018 at 8:30 pm

      Hey Adrienne! I’m so sorry for the delay in response. Servers are for the PC version of Minecraft. Console is a much more closed network where the user of the console needs to invite friends to play in their world. I have not played Minecraft on WiiU, but when I played in on Xbox, I would have to invite friends who were online if I wanted to play with friends. The people that I invited could only play in my world while I was in it. I looked on Nintendo’s website and the Mini-games operate in a similar manner as creative or survival mode where you have to invite friends to play in a mini-game with you. Nothing on their website said anything about random matchmaking, so players can’t play with random people that they don’t know. So if your sons friends have WiiU, he can invite them to play in his world when he is in the game and they can play mini-games together. If your son is interested in playing Minecraft on PC, you can register for joining a server on their website and you may be a member of multiple servers. I hope this was helpful and feel free to let me or Leah know if you have anymore questions!

  3. Steve on December 19, 2018 at 6:23 pm

    Just a heads up, the link for MineSquish is directing to which has absolutly nothing to do with kids having fun or minecraft. I dont know if the link was intentional but thats what happens when you click on MINESQUISH above.

    • Leah Nieman on December 19, 2018 at 8:02 pm

      Hi Steve,
      Thanks for the heads up. Absolutely not intentional. It looks like someone grabbed their https. Sad. I’ve redirected the link to their http and it’s working. Again, thank you for the heads up.

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  7. kay lington on December 31, 2020 at 4:23 am

    Hi kaleb, servers at the time you posted that comment were available on few platforms, such as java and PE(well very specific ones.) if you were to connect properly and now servers are on all platforms, however minecraft doesn’t support the wuii much and might not add too much to it, as updates may be incompatible with specific softwares.
    Just wanted to say that, bye.

    • Leah Nieman on January 12, 2021 at 7:20 am

      Absolutely. As gaming systems update, games have to make updates to modify so they are compatible with the new updates and requirements. With the explosion of gaming, it often means game developers need to be strategic and roll out updates in a priority fashion. Thanks for sharing that update as it’s important for Minecraft lovers to know if they are considering purchasing a new gaming system.

  8. Forever My Little Moon on March 3, 2021 at 9:15 am

    I will have to keep these in mind should our daughter ever get interested in mine craft!

  9. vidya on March 3, 2021 at 6:04 pm

    Wow.. I did not realize there was so much involved to the minecraft world..totally interesting.
    My son plays video games online but not Minecraft though I am sure he will know more than I do :).. For the others that he does play, I normally know who is playing with (family and his friends)..

  10. Danielle on March 3, 2021 at 7:07 pm

    It’s awesome there’s a safe place for kids and families to all play together.

  11. Heather Behrends on March 4, 2021 at 12:38 am

    This is so helpful for parents to keep their kids safe but letting them play!

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