Striving to Capture Family Memories

family memoriesIt’s the holiday season. That time of year when we want to capture those family memories so we can reflect back on them and share them with others.

Long ago, this meant a photo was taken and placed in an album. Nowadays, it means a photo is taken and shared instantly, through a variety of social media platforms. Or, maybe we’re sharing an album online. Because photos are shared so openly, there is sometimes a fine balance between capturing the memory and feeling the need to set up the perfect memory to capture.

I get it. No one wants to be the one with their “bad face” photo showing for all the world to see.

But, are we spending so much time striving for the perfect sharable photo that we miss creating a family memory?

Talk with your family about how important it is to capture every moment. It might be really important for some; but, for others, it might be less important. Go with what’s right for YOUR family. Don’t get pulled into a photo sharing frenzy because you need to keep up with your Instagram friends.

Use this time to talk to your kids about photos and sharing. Have a family discussion about what everyone in the family wants shared online and what they want to keep personal. You might be surprised at what your kids would prefer not be shared. And they might not understand what their siblings find embarrassing. It’s a great way for everyone in the family to come together so that home really does feel like a safe place.

This simple step will also help open the doors of communication for deeper conversations with your kids when it comes to topics of photos and sharing. Kids need to feel that it’s safe to talk to you.

There are times when their friends are going to post a photo that upsets them. How do they handle that? Should they post a photo of someone without their consent? If they are babysitting should they snap photos and post them without the consent of the child’s parent? Should their accounts be “open” on photo sharing platforms? What age do you feel it’s appropriate to open up their accounts to followers? These are all great conversations to have with kids.

And, you can use some of the extra family times you have during the holidays to casually talk to your kids about these questions.

Teach your kids how to post responsibly. Teach them how to use the platforms they join. And, most of all, enjoy each and every moment.

Capture those family memories, but don’t miss the moment because you’re trying to capture it.

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