7 Halloween Party Bar Ideas

Halloween Party Bar Ideas

Social media is a great way to stay connected to our friends and family, but we want to gather together with those close to us as often as possible as well. The days of making one phone call after another to personally invite your guests to your house are over. And, we no longer have to address a stack of invitations to mail weeks ahead of time for a causal event. We can easily use evites to send invitations. We can even group message for small events. We also have apps like Any-do to make planning an event a snap.

But, what about the actual event? There’s no app that makes food for our guests. So, how do we host an event and still have a smile on our face when our guests arrive? The answer is simply. Party Bars!

I’ve found party bars make the actual event much easier to implement. It’s so much easier for me (as a working mom) to host a large event and actually enjoy it! It’s as easy as picking a party bar and gathering friends. It’s easy to host a party bar where friends all bring a topping. So, throw a last minute party for any celebration.

Halloween is a great time to host a party bar. It’s the perfect ending to an evening of trick or treating. The kids can play and the parents can visit.

Here are a 7 Halloween Party Bar Ideas that allow you to focus on having fun with your guests.

  • Hot Dog Party Bar
  • Chili Party Bar
  • Nacho Party Bar-Download this one free!
  • Smores Party Bar
  • Caramel Apple Party Bar
  • Apple Cider Party Bar
  • Hot Chocolate Party Bar

Use this set of FREE fall templates on any of the party bars. You can even combine 2 of the party bars if you want to go all out for your event. Remember, you can ask your friends to bring an item for the party bar.

Want more party bar ideas, complete with recipes and 150 printables for your bars? Check out Party Bars: Creative Ideas for Easy Entertaining.

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