Helping Kids Find Real News Sources Online

Helping Kids Find Real News Sources Online

Helping Kids Find Real New Sources Online

Information is literally at the tip of our fingers. But, not everything we read online is factual. An important part of raising digitally responsible kids is helping them determine how to find real news sources online. If you’ve followed me very long, you know this is somewhat of a soapbox of mine.

Our kids no longer must leave home to gather information for their studies. But, do our kids know how to find reliable news sources? Are they able to determine if what they are reading online is written by a real news source?
A study from Stanford researchers looks into this question. The study evaluated students’ ability to determine if information sources are real news sources or fake news reports
Stanford researchers described the results as “dismaying,” “bleak,” and “[a] threat to democracy.”
 So how can we teach our kids to avoid fake news reports and find reliable news sources online? We can guide our kids as they learn to pull information for projects and reports online. And, teach them to how to spot a fake news report and find real news sources online.

Resources to Help Kids Find Real News Sources Online

Helping our kids determine if what they read online is truth or fiction

Article on this Helping Kids Determine Truth From Fiction in the Homeschooling Iowa Magazine.

Today, I’m happy to be sharing Teach Your Kids to Find Reliable News Sources Online as part of  Techie Homeschool Mom’s IRL blog series. The series started this week and continues through May 20th. If you want to pick up some great tips for using technology in your home, be sure to follow along.

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