How to Throw Your Kid a Virtual Birthday Party

How to Throw Your Kid a Virtual Birthday Party Social distancing has forced us to change our norms – especially when it comes to celebrations. If your kid has a birthday coming up, you may be wondering how to make it special for them when you can’t throw a traditional birthday party. Instead of hosting a birthday party and inviting all your kid’s friends to come, why not throw a virtual birthday party this year?

How to Throw Your Kid a Virtual Birthday Party

Hosting an online party for your child is much easier than you may think! With a little help from the internet, you can make your child’s day special without ever leaving your home. Planning a virtual birthday party is similar to throwing a traditional party.

To host a virtual party, you’ll need:

  • A computer, tablet, or phone with a camera and microphone
  • An online meeting platform
  • An invitation
  • Decorations
  • Cake and candles

The Hardware

The most important part of hosting a virtual birthday party is the tech. In order to connect with friends and family on your kid’s special day, you’ll need a device with a camera and microphone. Whether you use your cell phone or desktop computer doesn’t matter. Just make sure that whatever device you choose to use has a reliable internet connection, as well as a way for your child to virtually connect with loved ones on their big day.

The Meeting Platform

While receiving phone and video calls from their friends and family individually is a nice way for everyone to stay in touch, throwing a party requires that your child connect with a bigger group at once. In order to allow all your guests to chat together, it’s a good idea to use a video chatting platform for your virtual get-together. Luckily, there are a variety of great options when it comes to video chat.


With this fun app, you can host a house party so your guests can virtually get-together, chat, and even play games. Houseparty works across various devices, making it a great choice for a birthday party.


Although this virtual meeting platform is popular among business people, it also makes a great platform for a virtual party. In addition to working across devices, Zoom is also very user-friendly, making it great for a party with guests in a variety of age groups.


Like Zoom, Skype is another popular platform for virtual meetings. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to have fun, too! With Skype, your child’s friends and family can gather together in the comfort of their own homes to wish your kid Happy Birthday.


If your kid wants to have a birthday party with their friends, consider hosting the party on this popular gaming platform. Roblox recently released a Play Together mode, which allows players to come together in a variety of different “locations,” like a camp site, water park, or shopping mall. The players can visit with each other or play games together on the platform.

Sky Zone

The popular indoor trampoline park Sky Zone was a great birthday party destination for in-person parties, and now it’s a fun place to host a virtual party. Parties must be booked in advance and are hosted by Sky Zone employees, who lead the party guests in fun activities and games, like Simon Says and dance battles.

Looking to stay connected with your friends even when you can’t be in the same physical space? Here are some ideas for hosting a virtual game night!


Make sure your party guests know when the celebration will begin by sending out virtual invitations. You can create invites through a digital invitation service, like Evite, or email the party invitation to your guests. Another fun way to keep every informed about the party is to create a private Facebook event page for your kid’s birthday party. In addition to providing your guests with the date and time of the party, it’s also a good idea to include log-in information and a link to the site where your party will be hosted.


Since your party will be held virtually, you won’t need to go overboard with the decorations. But it’s a good idea to give your kids some special décor in the area in your home where the party will be held. Decorate the spot behind where your child will sit for their party with balloons and streamers to create a party atmosphere for your kid’s virtual birthday party.

Birthday Cake

Just because you won’t be having guests at your house doesn’t mean you can skip the birthday cake and candles. No matter what platform your child chooses to use for their virtual party, you can always take a break from the get-together to sing them Happy Birthday and let them blow out the candles on their birthday cake. Whether you offer them a cupcake with a single candle or a full-size cake with lots of candles, place the cake in front of the camera so everyone can see your little one blow out their candles on their special day.

Other Virtual Birthday Party Ideas

If all your guest are local, you can set out treat bags prior to the party. Let guests pick up their “party package” and then celebrate virtually together. You can add packaged treats like Hostess cakes, Little Debbie cakes, candy, balloons, confetti, and other small party trinkets.

Have kids that love to play Fortnite? Host a Fortnite Birthday Party-Virtual Style! Let the kids game together. It’s literally that easy! If you want to have kids grab a loot bag prior to the party from your front porch, here are some great ideas for items to put in their loot bags.

It’s easy to create an interactive virtual birthday party for your child. It just takes a little planning on the front end.

Have your thrown a virtual birthday party for your child? If so share your best ideas with us below!


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