Kids and Social Media

Kids and Social Media

Walk into any group of parents and ask their opinion on the topic of kids and social media. The range of responses you get might surprise you.

Responses often go from…
“My kids aren’t allowed on any social media sites!”
“My teens use them all and I can’t keep up!”

I love social media. I’ve found it to be useful both in my job and in my personal life.

I don’t fall into the “kids need to be on every social media platform” category, but I do believe it is important parents guide their children through the world of social media.

Does this mean I’m suggesting parents allow their 8 year old to jump on the Snapchat trend? Absolutely not! In fact, I believe age guidelines for social media platforms should be followed. But, I do believe parents need to actively discuss digital responsibility with their children from a young age. Conversations about screen time and activities online should be a natural part of the conversation in our homes.

Let’s not view social media as some overwhelming parental duty. Instead, let’s view social media as an amazing opportunity for us to engage and interact with our kids. We can influence in the thoughts and habits our kids are forming now with social media. What a gift!

Let’s walk this journey with joy together.


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