How Kids Can Use Technology to Connect with Nature

How Kids Can Use Technology to Connect with Nature. Nature and technology can co-exist! And my guest, Sandi Schwartz, joins me today to share some of the  benefits we see when we connect and engage with nature. If you are wondering how kids can use technology to actively connect with nature, you don’t want to miss this podcast! Listen in while Sandi shares many ways in which we can use technology in our nature explorations. You’ll come away with lots of fun, practical ideas your family can implement today!

One common push-back I hear when it comes to technology goes along the lines of “People can’t sit around on their devices all day!”

That is absolutely true. But my concern is if you are sitting around on your device all day, the problem is you aren’t using the tool properly. Technology offers us so many ways to engage with the world around us. And, as we wade through 2020 and the many crisis this year brings, technology offers us many ways to stay connected, engaged, and learning.

So, I’ve been thrilled to get to know Sandi Schwatrz. Sandi talks extensively about how to connect with nature. And she’s got some great advice on How Kids Can Use Technology to Connect with Nature.

Looking for some great nature apps for kids? Check out my favorite science and nature apps for kids!

Today’s Guest: Sandi Schwartz

Sandi is a science writer, positive psychology and environmental expert, and mom blogger who wants to help you raise happy, balanced children.

Sandi brings a wealth of experience to the show today. She’s held communications positions in the environmental field at the United States Environmental Protection Agency, National Academy of Sciences, and an environmental and energy consulting firm. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies at The George Washington University, a Master of Arts in Government with an Environmental Focus at Johns Hopkins University, and a Specialization Certificate in Foundations of Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. She also completed The Science of Happiness course offered by the University of California, Berkeley and served as a Community Teaching Assistant.

Sandi’s blog, articles, and other projects explore happiness tools including mindfulness, awe, nutrition, fitness, kindness, gratitude, creativity, and spending time in nature. She’s currently working on her first book about how nature can help children feel happier and calmer.

You can find Sandi’s articles at Chicken Soup for the SoulScary Mommy, and Motherly

Sandi’s website, Happy Science Mom is included on Feedspot’s list of “Top 100 Mom Blogs Every Mommy Must Read in 2020.”


Here are a few things Sandi and I discussed some ways Kids Can Use Technology to Connect with Nature

  1. Can you offer parents guidance on the age-old question of when to leave the technology at home and when to use it to help your kids connect with nature?
  2. What are some of your favorite ways to do this?
  3. What are some benefits we see when kids actively engage with nature?
  4. Do you have suggestions or resources for showing parents how technology can help our kids engage in nature?

I hope Sandi’s suggestions gave you some practical ideas and ways for your family to integrate technology with nature. Be sure to check out the links and resources below for the show. And, connect with Sandi over at Happy Science Mom or on any of her social media platforms.

Tech Talk for Parents Episode 5 Show Links and Resources

  • Sandi’s Blog:
  • Grab your FREE 30-Day Eco Happiness Challenge Calendar filled with fun and relaxing activities for your family to enjoy together without leaving your own neighborhood. These activities can be done from inside your home, on your balcony, or in your backyard. It will give you all kinds of ideas on how to connect to nature with or without technology. You can start this challenge at any time, so sign up now to get your calendar right away. Enjoy!
  • Follow Sandi on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest.
  • To keep up to date on Sandi’s forthcoming book about how nature can help children feel happier and calmer, sign up here.
  • Resources mentioned in this episode: National Geographic for Kids

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