5 Reasons Why Kids Should Use Coding Apps

5 Reasons Why Kids Should Use Coding AppsThere are several great coding apps available for kids. But why introduce your young child to an app for coding?

Coding teaches kids much more than how to communicate with machines. Most coding apps are creative and fun. So, even if your child isn’t planning to be a computer programmer, there are many reasons to introduce them to great coding apps.

5 Reasons Why Kids Should Use Coding Apps

  1. Coding Apps Give Kids a Vision for the Future

Technology is changing the way we live. Self-driving cars, integrated healthcare, and video conferencing which allows us to work from home–coding has made all this technology possible. It reaches every aspect of our lives. And a basic understanding of coding is a skill that kids need to understand.

  1. Coding Apps Allow Kids to Explore Their Creativity

When looking at what makes a great app for kids, I tell parents to look for four things. One of these things is if the app allows kids to be creative. Coding apps give kids the ability to create new things. So, kids aren’t just learning how to code, they are using their imagination while interacting with the app.

  1. Coding Apps Build Essential STEAM Skills

Kids who study STEAM develop skills like critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and innovation, communication, and collaboration. These skills are all essential for success in our digital world.

  1. Coding Apps make learning the language of machines easy

We know kids learn a second language more easily when they are exposed to it at a young age. Learning to code is similar to learning a new language. There are numerous coding languages. Jumping into a computer programming program like Python or CSS+ can be overwhelming or boring. Coding apps expose kids to these languages in a fun and exciting way.

  1. Coding Apps teach fundamentals that apply to all coding languages

It’s easy to get hung up on a coding language. You want to hold off letting kids begin coding for fear the language they learn might be outdated before they can benefit from the knowledge they gain. I get it. Technology moves at the pace of a speeding train. But there are fundamentals your child will learn when playing a great coding app like CodeSpark. They’ll learn sequencing, loops, and conditionals. These skills apply to all computer languages.

Here’s a clip from the coding app CodeSpark to give you an idea of all the skills kids learn while playing:

I’ve written about the best apps for coding before. In fact, many of you reach out to me about coding apps you’ve tried from my list. I actively keep this list updated. And, I thoroughly test the coding apps before recommending them to you.

I spoke with the team at CodeSpark Academy. I’ve enjoyed seeing their team develop The Foos from an app to a full program for parents and educators.

One thing I love about CodeSpark is that it’s available for all devices–iOS, Android, and Kindle. It’s also available for PC.

Instead of arguing with your kids all summer about screentime, give them something educational they can do on their device.

Get 3 months of codeSpark for $16 Use Code SUMMERFOR16

The CodeSpark Academy goes beyond just being an educational app. The Academy gives parents access to:

  • Unlimited coding challenges
  • Full access to Game Maker
  • New content added each month
  • Track progress of up to three children

Your kids won’t tire of or outgrow CodeSpark quickly like they will with many other apps. And unlike most educational apps, CodeSpark can be used as a teaching tool. So teachers and homeschooling parents can use CodeSpark to teach coding to kids!

Homeschooling families can get the app for $79.99/year with a 30-day free trial.  


You don’t need to know how to code to teach it to your kids. But, are you a homeschooling parent and interested in having access to the professional development CodeSpark has available for teachers? If so, CodeSpark is making it available at a discounted rate.

CodeSpark Professional Development is available to homeschooling parents for $49.99.


Your kids will have a blast solving puzzles and creating stories using CodeSpark. They’ll never realize how much they’re learning about coding, math, language, and more–all while playing a coding app.

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