Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu: Which TV Service Is Right For You?

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu: Which TV Service Is Right For You?

Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu

I remember the day I finally quit cable for good. I had gotten a bill from my local cable provider and asked them calmly what the purpose of the “miscellaneous” charge on my bill was. After waiting through several transfers, requesting several managers, and a lot of irritation, I was finally told: “I don’t know.”

That’s right, I was being asked to pay $10 to the “I don’t know” fund. Not this girl!

That very week, cable left my house forever, and I officially became a cord cutter. Cutting the cord has opened up a freedom in my watching habits. I come and go as I please, not locked into the schedule demanded by my cable provider. I can stop, pause, and watch shows all over again from the beginning.

If you are ready to begin the cord-free life, you’re going to need to start with one of the big services: Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. You’re certainly allowed to select more than one, but many cord cutters have preferences for one or another, based on their needs.

Let’s take a side-by-side look at the services to help you make a decision, and head toward lower entertainment costs.

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Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu: Which TV Service Is Right For You?


Netflix is the mother of internet services, having been in the game the longest. If you’re looking for a service with a fantastic library of television shows and movies, while enjoying great original programming, this is a wonderful place to start. Netflix has plenty of family-friendly programming like Stranger Things, Anne with an E, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and Fuller House.

And, did you know you can block shows on Netflix? This means you can easily block content that’s not appropriate for your kids.

Price: You have three levels of service with Netflix. Tier one is $7.99 and includes one screen in standard definition; $9.99 allows you to use two screens at a time and allows you to view shows in high definition. The highest package allows you four screens in HD and Ultra HD where available. All three levels of service allow you to download shows and watch them even when your internet isn’t available.

Content: If you are looking to watch current programming, you won’t find it here. Netflix has many shows available when the season ends, but you won’t be able to watch the programs as they air. The benefit is that once the show is there, you’ll be able to watch as many seasons of it as you would like.

Accessibility: You’ll be able to watch your Netflix from any device that has an internet connection, from your laptop to your smart TV and even your smartphone. The best accessibility is going to come from your computer, but the apps are well made and you’ll enjoy viewing from them still.


Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is more than a streaming service, as signing up for the service gives you access to Amazon’s instant video, free two-day shipping on all of the products Amazon offers, and the ability to borrow books from the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library.

When you sign up for Amazon Prime, you’re also opening up your ability to access an expanded library. Unlike Netflix, if a movie you want is not available to stream through the service, you are given the additional option to rent or purchase movies for which Amazon does not have ordinary streaming rights. This means you can virtually watch anything you want instantly without having to wait.

Price: If you hate monthly bills, Amazon has a great solution for that. You can pay for your year’s service with a one-time payment of $99, or take the monthly option of $10.99 per month. Either option gives you the chance to enjoy all the service has to offer, and it offers quite a lot.

Content: As previously mentioned, when it comes to content, the world is your oyster. Just as with Netflix, the service provides the option to view original content. Unlike Netflix, you can actually watch your favorite shows as they air by purchasing either a full season or going through episode by episode to purchase.

Accessibility: If you have access to a laptop, smart TV, or smartphone, you’ll be able to stream your videos, but here is the catch: you cannot purchase movies from the telephone app, meaning you have to go into your browser, purchase the movie from there, and then come back to your app. This is an annoying step, but users of Audible and Kindle apps are accustomed to it.



If you are a routine TV watcher, Hulu has everything you are looking for in a streaming service. Not only do they have your favorite shows available, you can actually watch them as they air. The only challenge? Due to streaming rights on some of the shows, you only get five episodes at a time and after that, they are no longer available.

Price: At Hulu, you have some unique options, one of which includes live TV! That’s right, you can watch your regular shows as they air, commercials and all. Their base streaming plan with access to the Hulu library with commercial breaks is $7.99, $11.99 for commercial-free, and then there is their live TV service. For $39.99 you will have access to all of the cable channels and local channels available in your market. Don’t have time to watch live? That’s ok, they’ve thrown in 50 hours of cloud DVR so you never have to miss a show.

Content: The Hulu library has always been geared more towards television shows; they have even managed to get the original TGIF lineup into their library. With the addition of live TV, you are going to be able to stream television in a way you never could before. That means you can watch your shows anywhere you want to. Hulu just changed the game.

Accessibility: Hulu, like all the other streaming services, can be accessed from your smart TV, your laptop, and your cell phone. With the addition of live TV, you will also be able to watch your shows from the stream from those locations. What a time to be alive.

If you’re looking forward to never getting a “miscellaneous” bill again, streaming is the way to go. You can take control of your watching habits (well, maybe a binge here and there never hurt), save some money, and enjoy yourself thoroughly by cutting that cord!

Are you using Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu? Let us know which service you love most. And, be sure to share your favorite family-friendly shows on each service.

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