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technewsandtrendsIt’s Friday so that means I’ll be sharing some fun technology news and trends. I want to keep you up to date on technology new and trends relevant for families. This week, I’m sharing a story to get you thinking about the power of social media. Watch the video and read the story. It’s a great topic to discuss as a family.

Friday is also technology news day. Families using Facebook will be interested in a new update that’s coming out this week.

Facebook. Many users have a love/hate relationship with it. But, this new update gives users more control over what they see in their News feed.

So how does it work?

The News Feed settings menu displays which friends appear most often in your News Feed. It also shows friends you’ve chosen to unfollow. There, you can choose to unfollow people you don’t want to see anymore or re-follow (“reconnecting” as Facebook calls it) with friends you’ve previously hidden from your feed.

The News Feed itself also gives new ways of sharing feedback about the types of posts you don’t want to see. You can now opt to see fewer stories from a friend or page instead of choosing to unfollow someone.

The new settings menu will roll out on Facebook today. Other customization features will roll out in the coming weeks. Check your Facebook News Feed for the updates!

What happens when you need help? Can social media be used to help us reach out and connect with people who want to help us? Our story this week shows one dad’s brave fight to save his daughter by reaching out through social media to raise money. And, an amazing photographer who answered the call.

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Read the story of the video here.

Talk to your kids about the power of social media. It can be used in positive and negative ways. Share ideas and get thoughts from your kids on this topic over the weekend. It’s always interesting to hear their perspective.


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