Parent Guide to Kudos

Parent Guide to Kudos

Parents Guide to Kudos

What is Kudos?

Kudos is a photo-sharing app designed for children ages 8 to 13. It introduces kids to social media while teaching them how to be good digital citizens.

While some might argue kids have no reason to join social media before the age of 13, many parents will share the struggle of keeping their child from getting their first Instagram or Snapchat account before that age. Kudos’s mission is to give kids a safe place to share their lives, while teaching them how to stay safe online and how to communicate online while showing respect for themselves and others.

Is Kudos Coppa Compliant?

Yes! The Kudos app has been certified by PRIVO, an FTC-approved COPPA safe harbor program.

What is the suggested age range for Kudos?

The suggested age for kids using Kudos is 8 to 13. The most active users are between 9 and 11 years old. Kudos does allow parents to join.

I was initially worried they might see my adult account and be a bit creeped out. I contacted them to let them know who I was and to let them know I was testing the app. They were 100% fine with me joining as I tested the app.

As both a parent and someone who reviews apps, that speaks volumes about the company.

What types of things can kids do on Kudos?

Kids can post photos. They can draw on their photos and add overlays. They can like and comment on others’ photos.

What they can’t do is upload inappropriate content. Kudos is fully moderated and uses 24/7 AI technology for scanning. So, kids can’t leave hurtful or inappropriate comments.

Kids also see positive notes with suggestions of what to post. This combination of moderation and teaching provides kids with a great example of how we use social media as a tool for communication.

What type of content will kids find on Kudos?

Kudos encourages kids to connect with others who have similar interests by joining “groups.” There are groups to fit all interests, from outdoor games to dragons. Kids are prompted to join six groups when they set up their account. This helps them find others who have similar interests and gives them ideas for what to post.

Tech Talk Conversation Cards

Setting up an account

Kids under 13

1. Join groups

Parent Guide to Kudos Join Groups











2. Take a selfie


Parent Guide to Kudos Take Selfie











3. Create a username and password

Parent Guide to Kudos Setup Username











4. Enter a full name and birth date

Parent Guide to Kudos Setup Name Birthdate











5. Enter an email address for a parent or caregiver over 18. This person will receive an email request for approval.

Kudos Parent Email    Parent Guide to Kudos Parent Email

Kids can access Kudos at this point. However, they are unable to add photos until their parent or caregiver has approved their account. Parents of kids under 13 are notified about what their children post and who they are connected to as friends. This helps parents guide their kids as they begin to learn how to use social media.

Parents can delete pictures their child has posted or friends their child has added at any time.

Anyone over 13

1. Join groups

Parent Guide to Kudos Join Groups











2. Take a selfie


Parent Guide to Kudos Take Selfie











3. Create a username and password

Parent Guide to Kudos Setup Username











4. Enter a full name and birth date

Parent Guide to Kudos Setup Name Birthdate









I’m uncomfortable with entering my child’s name. Why isn’t there the option to just show their username?

Your child’s username and full name are shown so their friends can find them. But don’t worry, your child’s content is not viewable until the two parties become “friends.”

Tagging and geolocation aren’t enabled, so your child’s name doesn’t tie them to their physical location. And kids can upload an image that doesn’t easily identify them if safety issues are a concern for your family.

As a side note, it is, in general, a good practice for kids to not hide behind a username.

Who can see images my child posts?

It depends on how your child shares them. Images they share are only seen by friends they have accepted. However, if they share images within groups in Kudos, those images could be seen by all members within that group.

When kids under 13 post a photo, the parent who authorized the account receives an email showing the photo and caption. Parents can view the list of friends for their child from within the message. So, it’s easy to keep track of your child’s friends and images in Kudos.

Can images be deleted on Kudos?

Yes! Images can be deleted by the users. They can also be deleted by parents tied to an under-13 child account.

Can content or users be blocked or reported?

Yes! Photos also are monitored to make sure they are appropriate. And, kids are instructed not to post pictures of anyone without their permission. This hopefully means kids won’t come across many (if any) images or content they’ll need to report. But, it’s nice to know there is the option if needed.

To block or report a user, simply go to the user’s profile. Next, click on the three dots and click on “Report.”

Won’t using Kudos push my child under 13 towards social media?

Some might make that argument. But, I’m happy Kudos is providing a safe place for kids under the age of 13 who are going to join social media regardless of the age restriction. I see it in my work every day.

And while most social media platforms don’t offer any sort of netiquette for kids, here is where Kudos steps in. Their mission is to civilize the Internet. They’re doing so by educating kids as soon as they begin connecting with others at Kudos.

Kudos is a great option for families who have kids under 13 begging to join the world of social media. Be sure to talk to your kids and set up a Family Media Agreement. Then, start walking beside your children, guiding them as they learn how to be great digital citizens.

A Parents Guide to Kudos


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