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Parents Guide to

Kids everywhere love And, parents everywhere I go ask me about safety when it comes to their kids and I get it. And, I’m thankful for parents who walk beside their kids, ask questions, and research the apps their kids are using. I’ve compiled all my research into this comprehensive Parents Guide to

What is is an app, popular with kids, for creating 15-second music videos. users record themselves singing, lip-syncing or dancing to a short spot of their favorite song. Users aren’t locked into music even though the name implies this is the case.

The app is about performance. So, you’ll also find other 15-second performance-type acts. Once users finish their recording, they can add fun effects and filters. Then they can share it on or broadcast it to other social media networks.

Sharing is encouraged as a way to help users, also called “musers,”grow their fan base. encourages and makes it easy for users to post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Sharing directly to Snapchat is not an option. However, it is possible to share clips to Snapchat using Snapchat’s new link-sharing option. Musers can also save their content to their camera roll.

Parents Guide to

Many musers work hard to have a featured video. Featured videos are chosen by and appear on the Featured Feed where they’ll gain more likes and fans.

Parents Guide to


What is the age requirement for

According to’s Terms of Use, users must be 13 years old. And users between the ages of 13 & 18 must have permission from their parent or guardian.

However, does not verify age when signing up by asking for date of birth. So, they are running on the honor system. Still, their Terms of Use do give parents some leverage should they need to remove an account for an underage child.

Parents Guide to Terms

What type of content can users expect to see at does not allow explicit content or nudity. And, they do a decent job of keeping their search filter clean. But be aware, is not 100% G rated. Some of the popular song choices have swearing and lyrics inappropriate for kids. Be sure your child knows your family guidelines when it comes to music.

You’ll also find videos of kids mimicking dance moves of popular celebrities. Again, be sure your child is clear on what they should and should not post when it comes to dance moves.

Setting Up an Account

On, all accounts are public by default. This means when a video is posted, everyone can see it. It also means anyone can follow you. Most users opt to keep their accounts public since they are hoping to land in the Featured Feed.

Musers can opt to have a private account. A private account ensures only approved followers can view your content. A private account is especially wise for younger children. To change your account settings go to Settings> Private Account.

Parents Guide to Account 1Parents Guide to Private

Can videos be deleted on

Yes, if your child creates a video and needs to delete it, they can do so. To do this, simply select the video, then hit Delete.

Parents Guide to Video

Can you block or report inappropriate content and users? takes bullying very seriously. And, they don’t tolerate rude behavior. Most comments I’ve seen on are positive and encouraging. However, I have seen a handful of negative comments. And it’s always important to teach your kids how to block and report users on any apps they use. To block another muser, go to the person’s profile. In the upper right corner click on the 3 dots. Here, select “block this user” and “report abuse.”

Parents Guide to User 1

Parents Guide to User 2

Users can also take a screenshot and send it to

What is is direct messaging for Using, anyone on can send a direct message to another user by clicking on the arrow next to the “Follow” button on their profile.

The default settings allow any user the ability to send anyone a message. This is true even for private accounts. Users who want to limit those who can send them a message to only approved followers, need to change their settings.

To do so, go to Settings and Select “Only Friends Can Me”

Parents Guide to Account 1

 Parents Guide to PrivateWhat is is a live-streaming app from Users broadcast using the app and their stream is viewable on Users can block viewers who post inappropriate comments, and viewers can report broadcasters if they are streaming content which violates the Terms of Use.

Parents Guide to


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