Parents Guide to PlayStation 5

Parents Guide to PlayStationAs we near the release of Sony’s PlayStation 5, excitement around the console begins to build up, especially with younger gamers. However, for parents, the release of a new console can be somewhat confusing. Purchasing a new gaming system should be exciting for both parents and kids. My hope is the Parents Guide to PlayStation 5 will help get you as pumped as your kids for November 12, 2020.

Parents Guide to PlayStation 5

In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about the new PlayStation console, including exclusive games, hardware specs. Most importantly, you will learn what it means for your family’s gaming experience. And, we’ll talk about where and how to purchase the PlayStation 5.

A Quick Rundown Of The PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 serves as the successor console to the PlayStation 4 originally released in 2013. Additionally, it also succeeds the variants of the PlayStation 4 such as the PS4 Pro.

Throughout its seven-year run, the PlayStation 4 sold over 100 million copies, making it the best-selling console of its generation. Further, the console had a plethora of renowned exclusives, such as the God of War remaster, which won several awards including Game of the Year.

The PlayStation 5 is scheduled to be released November 12, 2020.

PlayStation 5 Guide for Parents: PS5 Games

The PlayStation 5’s release seems to be jam packed with fan favorite exclusive titles. A graphical remaster for Spider-Man is coming to the PlayStation 5, with a bonus storyline featuring Miles Morales’ incarnation of Spider-Man, a fan favorite character.

Additionally, a sequel to the beloved Ratchet and Clank franchise, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is also making its debut on the PS5. Horizon: Zero Dawn is also getting a sequel in the form of Horizon: Forbidden West.

Gran Turismo 7 is coming to the PlayStation 5 as well, with all new features for avid fans of the classic racing series. There are many more exclusive games coming to the console upon release, with new games and sequels and remasters to fan favorites to be expected.

And there are a number kid friendly games for the young gamers in your home. Available games for your young gamer is something to consider when purchasing any gaming console. The 5 games below are my favorite PlayStation 5 video games for families with young kids.

#1 Astro’s Playroom

#2 BugSnax


#3 FIFA 21


#4 Overcooked! All You Can Eat


#5 Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Wondering if Minecraft will be available on the PlayStation 5?

The answer is yes! And while a new version for PlayStation 5 might not be available on November 12th, you can take advantage of the backward compatibility feature to play PlayStation 4 games on your new PS5.

There are a lot of games to be excited about, and the release of the PlayStation 5 has something for gamers of most ages available upon its release. Best of all, the backwards compatibility feature means you can play your PS4 games on your new PlayStation 5 console.

Looking for more game suggestions? Check out the Best New Video Games for Families!

PlayStation 5 Guide for Parents: Hardware and Specs

 As a console, the PlayStation 5 serves as a total upgrade from the PlayStation 4. Following is everything you need to know about the hardware in an easy to understand manner.

The PlayStation 5 is incredibly powerful, with performance power of 5.5 gigabytes per second of performance. For the PS5, Sony is making incredible use of an SSD solution that allows 825 gigabytes of storage for the console. This means that you will be able to store more games on the console without needing an external hard drive.

The PS5’s hardware also allows for incredibly quick loading times and for there to be more assets in play at any given time in a game. This means that not only will your games load faster, but they can also load much more offering a more seamless gaming experience.

Graphically, the PlayStation 5 is capable of supporting 8k graphics as well as 3-D audio offering incredible immersion into your games.

So to sum it all up, the PlayStation 5 is capable of storing more games that can run much more content at a much faster rate, all while looking and sounding great.

Purchase and Pricing Information for the PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 is $499.99 with the digital edition priced at $399.99. It’s a price point that runs on the high side for many families. However, the price is well worth the quality of the system, as well as the capabilities it holds for families who love gaming. And, want a console with game options their kids won’t outgrow. If you haven’t already pre ordered your PlayStation 5, you might find getting one in time for Christmas 2020 a bit tough. But don’t get caught up in the initial rush on November 12, 2020. There will be plenty of PS5 consoles available once the initial release is over and the stampede dies down a bit.

Gaming Layover Year for PlayStation

During the release of a new console, gamers often feel compelled to spring for the new one to play the newest games of the season. However, buying a new console is a large purchase that for many reasons isn’t always possible.

Fortunately, game developers usually accommodate this gap by releasing new games on the new and the old console. For example, CyberPunk 2077 will be released on both the PS4 as well as the PS5.

This means that you do not need to immediately pre-order or purchase a new console upon release and can still get many of the new games coming out. Granted there will be certain titles that are only available for the new system, but those will wait until you are able to upgrade.

Parents Guide to PlayStation 5: Wrap Up

The PlayStation 5 presents a stark upgrade from the incredible PlayStation 4. With load times slashed across the board, tons of storage, and high performance, the system guarantees the best quality gaming experience.

Additionally, the graphical capabilities of the system are phenomenal, and can even rival that of a standard gaming pc. The sound quality is also greatly improved, allowing better clarity of both your game, as well as other gamers.

There are a plethora of great launch titles and exclusives to be excited about, and Sony has promised tons of external accessories such as headsets to upgrade your system and experience even further.

Is your family excited about the new PlayStation 5? Are you planning to upgrade from an older PlayStation version? Are you purchasing a PlayStation for the first time? Let us know in the comments below. And as you purchase the PlayStation 5 be sure to let us know what features your family loves about the PlayStation 5. Doing so will help keep this Parents Guide to PlayStation 5 a living, up-to-date guide that’s helpful for families gaming together!

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