Favorite Family Friendly Podcasts
Podcasts have been around for a while.  They are a great way to take advantage of those “empty moments of time.”  Why? Because listening to a podcast doesn’t require adding another activity to your day. You simply fill up the dead space that already exists in your day. Most of us have tasks that we don’t enjoy. And chances are our kids do as well.

I don’t really enjoy any of these tasks:

  • Driving to an appointment
  • Getting dressed in the morning
  • Exercising
  • Cleaning a room
  • Folding laundry

So, filling these otherwise mundane, empty moments with a fun podcast makes the task feel less like work.

There are hundreds of free podcasts available on the Internet. If you haven’t added a few podcasts to your weekly or monthly listening list yet, 2016 is the year to start!


Go to the website for the podcast and listen online, or subscribe to the podcast. It’s really that easy. But, don’t just take my word for it. Mary will show you how.

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Here are my Favorite Family Friendly Podcasts

Podcasts_Family FriendlySesame Street Podcast

Join Elmo, Abby, Cookie Monster and Grover and all the Muppets of the Sesame Street gang for this weekly podcast. You’ll learn about friendship, patience, and sharing. New episodes come out every Monday.

How to listen? iTunes, website

Stories Podcast

Stories is the perfect podcast for imaginative families. A new story comes out every week so kids have access to a steady supply of fresh content. The stories range from retellings of fairy tales like Snow White to classic stories like Peter Rabbit and even completely original works. Everything is G rated and safe for all the ears in the family.

How to listen? iTunesRSS feedwebsite


This podcast is a treasure trove of kid-friendly audio stories. There’s a nice mixture of new stories, fairy tales, and specially adapted myths and histories. Everything is G rated and safe for all the ears in the family.

How to listen? iTunesRSS feedwebsite


Brains On! is a podcast featuring science and kids. It’s a unique podcast in that a different kid co-hosts each episode. The producers of the show say they “ask questions and go wherever the answers take us.” In other words, they don’t layout the show with the end in mind. They literally ask a question and explore the answer. In one episode, kids will explore what makes paint stick. In the next episode, they’ll discuss the mystery of gravity. Science has never been so fascinating!

How to listen? iTunesRSS feedwebsite

Stuff You Missed in History Class

Stuff You Missed in History class is a great podcast for kids 12 and older. Segments run between 30-50 minutes. It’s hosted by Holly and Tracy who attempt to separate truth from fiction about certain historical stories and personas. This is a fun podcast for history lovers!

How to listen? iTunesRSS feedwebsite

This American Life

This American Life podcast content is the same as the radio broadcast, except on occasion they include extra material on the podcast that had to be cut for the radio broadcast. Each weekly podcast brings first-person stories and short fiction pieces that are inspirational, funny, and surprising. This is a great podcast for kids 13 and older.

How to listen? iTunesRSS feedwebsite

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Do you have a favorite kid friendly podcast? Be sure to share it with me in the comments section.



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