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Apps All Parents Should Know

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Apps All Parents Should Know

Apps All Parents Should KnowSocial Media, Apps, Live Streaming, Online Chat Rooms…it’s hard to keep up with the ways teens are connecting online. Or, to keep up with the growing list of apps all parents should know. Today connecting is just a touch away. There are so many apps available that allow us to send messages or share photos with friends, family, and even strangers. As parents, we must understand the social media applications available to our kids so we can have conversations with them about the pros and cons of each.

I originally wrote this book 18 months ago. Since then, Live streaming and dating apps have grown. This edition is fully updated and cover 60+ apps and sites!

Do the categories of apps seem confusing to you?

You’re not alone! Many parents shared that same frustration with me. In this newly updated version of Apps All Parents Should Know, I’ve added information to each chapter which explains a bit about the different categories of apps.

In this eBook, you will learn:

1. The Basics

2. Why Teens Like These Apps

3. What Parents Need to Know about all of the following:

  • Social Networks
  • Microblogging Platforms
  • Video Sharing Apps
  • Live Streaming Apps
  • Content Curation Apps
  • Messaging Apps
  • Ask and Answer Apps
  • Anonymous Apps
  • Dating Apps
  • Chat Rooms
  • and more!

If you are a parent or work with Tweens and teens, this eBook is for you! Think of this eBook as your research guide to the apps relevant in teen culture. You can dive in and learn about the apps or categories of apps you need to know. Then, you can begin healthy discussions with the teens in your life.



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