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Speaking About Technology and Social Media is What Leah Loves!

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Leah has been speaking for the past 8 years to parents, homeschooling groups, and teens about technology, social media, and parenting. She offers sessions, advice, and resources so parents can raise kids with a healthy perspective of technology and social media. You can book Leah to speak at your parenting, homeschool, or youth event. She also speaks frequently at technology and social media events for educators, brands, and bloggers.

Select from her most popular sessions below. Or, email Leah to see about a creating a custom session that meets the needs of your group.

You can also email Leah at for availability.

Speaking Engagements


Leah's Press Kit

Everything you need to bring Leah to your next event.

About Leah
Speaking and Workshop Topics
Audiences and Clients
2016 Speaking Engagements
Previous Appearances
About Leah

Leah is known for being informative and up-to-date while being personable, honest, and real when it comes to technology and social media.

She speaks using the latest research and weaves in the real-life experience she gained as the co-founder of CurrClick and from raising her own 2 kids.

Speaking and Workshop Topics
  • Guiding our Kids through Social Media
  • Help! I Need a Crash Course in Social Media
  • Keeping the Techie Monster at Bay
  • Devices and Apps: How to Secure, How to Select
  • Learning with Technology
  • Living Online: How Kids View Privacy Differently than Adults
  • Online Classes-Knowing What You Need
  • Connected Teens, Connected Families
  • Social Media Smarts for Teens
  • Information Overload
  • You’re Writing Your Story
  • Tech Skills for College and Life
Audiences and Clients
  • Parent Organizations
  • Women's Organizations
  • Teen Organizations
  • Homeschool Organizations
  • Middle School / High School / College Students
  • Faith-Based Groups
  • Family and Counseling Professionals
  • Medical / Healthcare Workers
  • Businesses
2016 Speaking Engagements
  • November 13, 2016 - Social Media: A Team Approach  for Families, Grace Presbyterian Church-Peoria, Illinois
  • November 2, 2016 - Parenting in a Digital World, Grace Presbyterian MOPS@Nite-Peoria, IL
  • October 8, 2016 - Snapchat for Brands & Bloggers, 2:1 Conference-Sandusky, OH
  • August 19, 2016 - Parenting & Social Media Workshop, United Methodist Church-Bethel, Ohio
  • April 15-16, 2016 - APACHE Homeschool Convention, Peoria, Illinois

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Session Topics


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  • Parent_Session

    Technology/Social Media Session for Parents

  • Teen_Session

    Teen Session

  • Mom_Sessions

    Mom Session

  • Business_SpeakingButton

    Technology/Social Media Session for Businesses and Brands

  • Keynote_Session

    Ideal for a Keynote session


Guiding our Kids through
Social Media

Are your kids begging to join the latest social media craze? Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the options? And, you’re not sure you want to deal with the security issues and risks involved. Come hear Leah share insight she’s gained from both her involvement in social media and guiding her children through the newly chartered waters of teens and social media. She’ll share the importance of walking closely with teens and having open, honest, and frank conversations with them. Social Media is part of their future. Prepare them by teaching them to be safe and responsible in what they share.


Keeping the Techie
Monster at Bay

No parent intentionally plans to let technology take over their home. Yet, that’s often what happens if we don’t have a family plan for it. How do we approach technology in our homes so we raise kids who understand how to use it wisely and avoid dangers? What steps do we need to take to protect young children while on devices and computers? What are things we can do and share as parents so our kids always feel our home is their “safe haven?” Leah Nieman will share tips and guidelines for parents.


with Technology

Technology is developing faster than research can analyze and report its effects. We are introducing technology into the lives of kids, often before we can know its long- term in uence. And, that causes confusion and fear for parents, educators, and those who work with today’s kids. In this session, we’ll look at important facts we do know and present strategies for integrating technology into the lives of our kids. This session is perfect for parents, teachers, mentors, and leaders who want to ensure kids are exploring high quality digital content. You’ll leave with guidelines as well as tips and tricks for keeping up with the latest educational trends. Most importantly you’ll learn how to use technology to bene t those important kids in your life.


Online Classes-Knowing
What You Need

Knowing what you need is the key to finding the perfect online class. Are you considering classes to fill the need for a social butterfly? Are you looking for your student to have accountability to another person for one or two classes, or do you want an online school that takes the full load off you? From online class terminology to sorting out what you need, we’ll cover it all in this session!

HELP! I Need a Crash
Course in Social Media

Is your teen using social media already? Are they asking to join a host of social media platforms? Are you a parent who desperately wants to keep up, but feels overwhelmed? Join Leah for this hands on, applicable workshop. She’ll cover the most popular social media apps for teens and show you privacy setting options for them. She’ll cover the basics of each and give you the pros and cons of these platforms. You’ll leave feeling a bit more con dent about the platforms your teen
is using.

Devices and Apps: How to
Secure, How to Select

Kindle, iPad, Android...which is the best device for your family? Leah will discuss the pros and cons of all 3. And, she’ll go over the parental control options available for all of these. She’ll also give guidelines for selecting quality apps for your kids. You’ll leave this session knowing how to select the best apps for your kids. And, you'll feel more con dent about keeping your kids safe on their digital device.

Living Online: How Kids View Privacy Differently than Adults

Adults often interpret children’s constant online sharing to mean that they don’t care about or understand privacy issues. There is some truth to this perspective. But, simply labeling children as either naïve or rebellious is too simplistic. It’s important to understand why children are going beyond the previous adult-defined social norms of privacy online. And, to do this we need to understand the new public space in which our kids socialize. Join Leah for this insightful session.


Connected Teens,
Connected Families

Parents and Teens learn together in this session. Leah will discuss the most popular social media platforms available for teens. She’ll cover basic social media principals for teens and their families. And, she’ll go over how to set up and use a variety of social media platforms. She’ll also cover safety issues. This is a fun and engaging session for the family!



Social Media Smarts
for Teens

This is a fun session for teens! Leah will cover basic social media guidelines for teens. She’ll cover the most popular social media apps for teens and show teens privacy setting options. She’ll cover the basics of each, and give teens the pros and cons of some of the most popular platforms relevant to them, including Instagram and Snapchat. We’ll cover cyberbullying and discuss ways to deal with digital drama.

You're Writing
Your Story

With every post and photo shared online you are writing the story of your life. What memories do you want recorded in your digital biography? Join Leah as she shares insights and tips that apply to all social media platforms for all ages.


The sheer volume of information now accessible online is staggering! Information continues to become more available to us in less time; from websites to email to RSS feeds to tweets to text messages. But, information is only a tool. The value lies in how that information is used. Join Leah as she shares strategies for reducing the information ooding you daily. Best of all, she’ll show you how to do this without missing out on important academic, social or interest-led information.


Tech Skills for
College and Life

We are in the information age. Research is literally at our fingertips. But, do we know what to do with all that information once we have it? Can we use current presentation methods? Do we know how to collaborate with others using mediums commonly used by colleges and businesses? Are we using our smartphones for productivity? Or are our phones a constant distraction to us during our day? Join Leah as she shares platforms and apps that will help you succeed in college and life!


You Can Work

For so long we’ve been told homeschooling is a full-time job. But, what if you’re called to homeschool and you’re a single parent? Or, a single income isn’t an option for your family? Does this mean you can’t homeschool? Join Leah in her session and learn how she slowly broke the stereotypical role when she began working while homeschooling her 2 kids, all with the loving support and encouragement of her family. She’ll share tips for making it work. Leah shares the ups and downs of her journey as she learned there is no perfect homeschool mom or perfect homeschool method. The homeschool life is all about loving unconditionally, and learning together as a family.

Taking Time
Taking Care of You

As homeschool moms we often put time for ourselves last on our list of priorities. But taking care of ourselves must be given a high priority if we want to have the energy that homeschooling long term requires. It’s important as homeschool moms we take care of our health and make time for friends and hobbies. Join Leah for this session where she’ll share lessons she’s learned, and practical suggestions for keeping life in balance.

Finding and Staying true to the Homeschool Path Intended for your family!

We’re called to homeschool. We watch our children learn. We research curriculum and set forward with the perfect plan for our family. But, it’s so hard to stay confident as a homeschool mom in the midst of so much homeschool information. We read magazines, blogs and hear a wealth of information from others on the perfect educational method or curriculum. It’s hard not to compare. Join Leah as she shares how to take off the yoke of burden we place on ourselves. And, stay true to our calling as a homeschool moms, listening to what’s right for our family.



Snapchat for Bloggers
and Brands

Snapchat has been around since 2011. Brands and content creators are using Snapchat to produce daily stories that engage and excite audiences. There are over 1 billion views of Snapchat stories each day. With numbers growing, brands are joining the ranks to explore how to tap into this fast-growing social network. Join Leah for this hands-on session. Attendees of your event will receive a pre-conference special handout and optional social media live sessions with guidelines and tips for setting up your Snapchat business account prior to your event. During the workshop, we’ll walk through using Snapchat for bloggers and brands, and discuss how to create a video narrative to personalize your brand. We’ll discuss specific ways to grow awareness for your brand. This is a fun, interactive session. Get ready to Learn, Snap, and Share!

Our Story

Every post and photo your brand shares online is part of your story? Have you determined what that story is? So you have a plan? Or, are you posting without any thought to the vision of your company? Do you know how to respond when an unhappy customer tags you into a post? Do you have a plan for releasing products and services? These are all questions brands and groups should ask before launching into social media. Join Leah as she shares insights and tips that apply to all social media platforms. And, begin telling the story of your brand today! This is a great workshop for companies, or a keynote for large corporate events.

Leah's Press Kit

Everything you need to bring Leah to your next event