How to Make the Super Bowl More Fun for the Kids

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How to Make the Super Bowl More Fun for KidsWhile most adults are totally into the big game coming up, the Super Bowl may not be as fun for your kids. If you’re hosting a Super Bowl party this year, there are a few steps you can take to ensure everyone at your party has a blast, no matter their age. These simple tips will ensure your kids have just as much fun watching the big game as you do.

How to Make the Super Bowl More Fun for the Kids

Get Your Kids Into the Super Bowl Spirit

Your kids will be completely on board with watching the big game if you make a big deal of all the fun traditions and festivities surrounding the Super Bowl. Wear the jerseys of your favorite team and ask your kids which team they’re cheering for, then buy them a jersey too. Introduce your kids to other fun football traditions, like painting their faces (or chests) in their team’s colors or showing them a few fun cheers to chant during the game.

You can also help your kids get in the spirit of the party by getting them involved in preparations. Ask your kids to help you prepare the food by giving them easy-to-follow instructions or tasks they can handle on their own. Whether they give you a hand making football cookies or blowing up balloons for the decorations, they’ll have fun being involved in the pre-game festivities.

Let Your Kids Help Decorate for Your Super Bowl Party

Nothing says party like some festive decorations. Make your Super Bowl party an event perfect for kids of any age by decorating your house with a ton of cool football decorations. Balloons, streamers, and paper chains are a must for attracting kids to your Super Bowl party. And, they can be used to create a football goal post.

If your family is all rooting for the same team, decorate your house in their team colors to get your kids in the spirit of the game. Or you can have fun with a family rivalry if there’s a split in your home. Decorate one half of the party in one team’s colors and the other half in the opposing team’s colors to play up the rivalry in your home. And don’t forget to have a few other fun football-inspired elements, like football-themed plates and serving dishes to enhance the look of your Super Bowl party.

Serve Fun Kid-Friendly Food at Your Super Bowl Party

Another staple of a great Super Bowl party is delicious finger foods. While kids definitely enjoy eating with their hands, some of the more popular Super Bowl party foods, like hot wings and spicy dips, aren’t exactly kid-friendly. An easy way to simplify your Super Bowl menu is to make a Nacho Party Bar. Have guests bring toppings. And, you can include kid-friendly nacho toppings. Kids and adults will love making their own plate of nachos.

If a variety of food options are more your speed to make sure your kids have a blast at your Super Bowl party, have a variety of kid-friendly food options available to your younger guests. In addition to yummy snacks they can munch on throughout the game, don’t forget to include a few sweet treats for the kids in your Super Bowl spread, as well. Football-themed treat holders are a fun project. Your kids can help make and fill treat boxes for their Super Bowl party guests.

Another great way to ensure your kids enjoy the Super Bowl food is to make it fun. Include a few football-shaped items on the food table or set up a football-themed beverage station to add extra team spirit to some of your Super Bowl menu. The kids will love these playful ways to celebrate during the big game.

Provide Entertainment for Kids During the Super Bowl

Even if you have a ton of amazing decorations and provide the most delicious food imaginable, chances are, your kids are probably going to get bored at some point during the evening. There are a variety of ways you can keep the kids entertained during the game so the adults can enjoy every play and commercial throughout the evening. The key to ensuring the kids are occupied is to plan ahead and have an array of entertainment options available.

One great way to keep the kids entertained after the novelty of the football game has worn off is to provide a craft table for the kids with a few different activities available. Football-themed coloring pages are a great way to occupy the kids during the game. You can also provide supplies for a football-themed craft; just be sure the craft is easy enough for the kids to do on their own without too much adult supervision or direction.

Games are another easy way to keep the kids entertained during the Super Bowl. If you want to keep a football theme going throughout the evening’s entertainment, line up some football-centered games for the kids to take part in. Whether they fold up a piece of paper and play finger football or you create a football-related scavenger hunt or Bingo game for them to play, they’ll have a blast playing while the adults watch the game.

If you’d rather not create your own games or want to keep the kids separate from the adults as they play, you could also designate a separate game room for the kids when they’re ready to quit watching the game. Provide a selection of fun board games for the kids, or make sure the video game controllers are charged so they can spend time playing their favorite multi-player game on their console.

How to Make the Super Bowl More Fun for the KidsHow to Make the Super Bowl More Fun for the Kids

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