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Technology News FridayIt’s Friday! This week I’ll be sharing some technology gifts for kids and some music to make your holidays merry. We saw Black Friday and Cyber Monday come and go. Many of us are busy with holiday shopping. If you are still looking for holiday gift ideas for your kids, here are a couple of 2014 Tech Toy Trends for Kids.

My Friend Cayla

My Friend Cayla looks like a typical 18-inch tall blonde doll, but don’t be fooled. This is no ordinary doll! Cayla is an interactive smart doll. She can tell stories and play games with you. She answers questions that you ask. She really is the doll form of Siri. Cayla connects to the internet via an iOS or Android smart-device running the My Friend Cayla app and uses voice recognition to respond to what’s being said.

Parents can be assured kids won’t inadvertently pull up inappropriate content. My Friend Cayla uses Google Safe Search so sources of information will be age-appropriate. It does take a bit of time for Cayla to respond when answering questions. Older kids who are already searching the internet might find this annoying. However, younger kids do seem to love playing games with Cayla. This doll isn’t for the budget conscious, but the price is reasonable when you consider the price of brand name 18-inch dolls available.

Price: $100.00

Kano DIY computer kit

I’m excited to see this build-your-own computer kit from Kano. The kit is geared for kids ages six to 14. The kit comes with a Raspberry Pi computer board and a plastic case, speaker, a colorful keyboard, and HDMI cable so it can be connected to a monitor or TV screen. Once your child has the computer built, they can jump in and learn Kano’s Python-based computer language. Kano makes coding easy for kids by using jigsaw pieces to teach the kids coding concepts.

Price: $149.00

Music. Just that topic alone can be a big conversation point for many families. It’s no secret that many times parents and kids have differing opinions. Our family came across this video 2 years ago and we all loved it. It’s amazing what you can create with iPads and iPods. Remember to encourage your kids to be creative with some of the music and art apps on your devices. Enjoy!

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