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Welcome to Technology in the News Fridays

Each Friday I’ll be sharing recent technology news. I want to keep you up to date on news relevant to some of the social media apps teens are using. This week I’m sharing some recent news regarding Snapchat. This news shouldn’t come as a surprise to most parents. It’s a concern many had when teens began using Snapchat. For those who do have teens on this platform, the article linked below is worth reading and discussing with your teens.

I also want to take a bit of time each Friday to share stories. I believe social media often gets presented in a negative light. We’re so busy letting our kids know about the pitfalls that we sometimes overlook showing them how we can use social media in a positive way. My hope is to bring a balance in sharing useful information and positive stories.

The story this week is truly heartwarming. I love how technology offers a way for friends and families to stay connected. And, as you’ll see in this video, you’re never too old to make new friends!

Snapchat has been in the news recently. Let me first say I am not anti-Snapchat. However, I do think that, as parents, we need to make two things very clear to our kids:

1. Your character is who you are, both online and offline.
2. Images and text sent digitally never “disappear.”

We need to be teaching our kids to stand by what they say and do online. If there is any question, then don’t send or post it. These are tough waters for our kids to navigate. They’re going to need parents who encourage and guide in love. Be sure they aren’t afraid to come to you when they need help. Sharing articles, like this one from, is a great way to let your kids know you are staying connected because you care.

Be sure to schedule some device down time for your family this week.

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