Technology Thoughts and Trends Friday

technoIt’s Friday so that means I’ll be sharing some fun technology thoughts and trends. I want to keep you up to date on technology thoughts and trends relevant for families. This week I’m sharing a fun video to get you thinking and discussion texting as a language with your teens.

Friday is also technology story day. Social media often gets presented in a negative light. It’s fun to share a story or example of someone that is using social media in a positive way. Our story this week is one you can share with the entire family!

Is your family begining to resemble the actors here? We laugh; but, just for fun this weekend, I want to challenge you to talk to your kids. Really listen to them as they share the small things they love, and notice when they text their friends. Watch for things that we might not pick up conversationally. My guess is that they understand “texting language” at a level many adults don’t. As adults, we’re quick to say that we can’t read tone through text or emails. But, in talking with young adults and teens, I’m finding they have a different view.

Enjoy the video and really – talk to your teens. Let me know what thoughts they share with you on the topic.

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We made it through election week! Raise your hand if you miss political commercials? What? No one?

I hope everyone made it out to vote. I hope we’re sharing our victories and our losses gracefully, even on social media.

Remember, our kids look to us to be the example.

To brighten our day and give us a few tips on things we should say more often, here’s a video. Watch with your kids and add your own ideas to the list.

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