Technology Friday – Super and Civility

Technology Friday is Super this Week

technology_friday_superWe’re back to our regularly scheduled Technology Fridays! This week we’re going to check out the new app, Super. We’re also going to watch how a community responds when a girl receives some very ugly comments on Facebook.

Biz Stone, one of the founders of Twitter, has recently released a new app called Super. While Super might not appeal to some in the 40+ crowd, it is a cool and fun photo sharing app that’s quickly gaining buzz with the younger crowd. Super isn’t just about sharing photos; it’s much more. It has a comic book feel that makes it unlike any other app on the market. Super takes this comic book feel to the next level by prompting users to post a statement (chosen from a series of preset phrases) over a photo they upload. Users can also post their statement over images already available in the app. Want to know the story behind the app? Jason Saltzman from Entrepreneur Magazine sat down with Biz Stone and has the inside scoop.

Kelsi Karmi shares her thoughts on the app if you’d like insight from a college age user.

Although I’m sure I’m over the age range of the average user, I did download the app so I could check it out. My assessment: it’s OK and I love the whole idea of the comic book feel as well. I can’t say it’s an app that I’ll use, but I can definitely see it being a big draw for many teens.

Here are some images:

Does Social Media Give us permission to be rude?

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Some things to consider and discuss:
  • Are we posting too quickly and without thought or consideration of others?
  • Are we posting a response that we would say to someone’s face? Are we sure?
  • Is what we are posting “spoken” truthfully, but with civility?
  • Does it need to be expressed in a public forum or am I am just posting to hear my voice?

This article in Psychology Today by Peg Streep offers some great insight.

I think we’ll see less rudeness when we see more people speak up. Civility is always in fashion!

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