Texting Terms Every Parent Should Know

Texting Terms Every Parent Should Know

There are some things we need to know as parents. Texting terms are now on that list. I get it, it’s tough for many of us. Learning a long list of texting terms is equal to learning a new language. But, it’s important that we know, understand, and speak the language our kids use to communicate.

Let me start by saying, as with any language, there are trends. For instance, the term “Netflix and chill” use to be texting code for hooking up. For the most part that is no longer the case. In fact, I recently noticed my grown kids using the term publicly.

I inquired of them as part of my research for this article and both kids told me that meaning was dated. So, while there may be teens “hooking up” while they “Netflix and chill,” that terminology alone doesn’t mean if your teen says they are going to watch Netflix and chill they intend to do anything other than watch a movie and hang out.

It’s so easy to make assumptions based on overinflated articles. Be sure you are talking to your teen. Communication and real relationship matter!

Texting terminology is a bit like phonics. There are rules. And, there are exceptions to rules. Since texting is a new form of communication, it’s evolving. Don’t get discouraged if new “words” pop up that you don’t know.

Here are a few texting terminology rules

Rule #1 Count the Letters

143 = I love you

637 = always and forever

These numbers would seem not to make sense. However, the message comes from the number of letters in each word.

Rule #2 A “C” can represent a word which begins with a “C” or “S”

CWTCU = can’t wait to see you

CU – see you or cracking up

Rule #3 Sometimes, texting lingo is followed by an image to complete the entire thought.

HIFW = how I felt when is the most common of these

For instance, HIFW I began writing this article


Looking for help understanding emojis? Check out my Parent’s Guide to Emojis.

Texting Terms Every Parent Should Know

Basic texting terms

Most of us know these. But it’s always good to cover the basics.

BRB = be right back

GR8 = great

IDK= I don’t know. In the same vein, IK =I know.

IMHO = in my humble opinion or in my honest opinion

IRL = in real life

J/K = just kidding

L8R = later

LOL = laugh(ing) out loud

NP = no problem

ROTFL – rolling on the floor laughing

TYVM = thank you very much


General Texting Terms

Let’s add some more terms to our parenting toolbox:

Amirite = am I right?

B4YKI = before you know it

Bae = babe or baby, in the romantic way

BRB = be right back

BRT = be right there

CWYL = chat with you later

CYT = see you tomorrow

CU = see you or cracking up

DAE = does anyone else

DM/IM = direct message/instant message

EM = excuse me

EOD = end of day or end of discussion

F2F = face to face

FINSTA = fake instagram account

FOMO = fear of missing out

FYEO = for your eyes only

HAK = hugs and kisses

HMB/HMU = hit me back/hit me up

KMP = keep me posted

KMS = kill myself

KYS = kill yourself

LMK = let me know

NAGI = not a good idea

NISM = need I say more?

NM = never mind

NMR = not my responsibility

NMU = not much, you?

NSFW = not safe for work

NTS = note to self

OH = overheard

OMG = oh my god

ORLY = oh, really?

OMW = on my way or oh my word

PLS or PLZ = please

PPL = people

PTB = please text back

QQ4U = quick question for you

RME = rolling my eyes

RN = right now

RU = are you?

SMH = shaking my head

SRSLY = seriously

SSDD = same stuff, different day

SWAK = sealed with a kiss

SWYP = so, what’s your problem?

TBH = to be honest

TIA = thanks in advance

TIME = tears in my eyes

TMB = tweet me back

TMI = too much information

TMRW = tomorrow

TTYL = talk to you later

TY, TU, or 39 = thank you

WYD = what you doing?

WYCM = will you call me?

VSF = very sad face

WB = welcome back

WTH = what the heck?

WTPA = where the party at?

WUF = where you from

WYCM = will you call me?

WYRN = what’s your real name?

XYZ = examine your zipper

YGM = you’ve got mail. Remember, teens text nearly everything. Checking email is outdated to them.

YW = you’re welcome

ZOMG = oh my god (sarcastic)


Texting Terms Teens Use When Parents Are Peeking

MOS = mom over shoulder

KPC = keeping parents clueless

POS = parent over shoulder

PAL= parents are listening

PA or P911 = parent alert

9 or CD9 = parents around or parents are watching

99 = parents are gone


Texting Terms Parents Need to Know

420 – marijuana

1174 = meet at a party spot

ADR = what’s your address

AMA = ask me anything

ASL = age/sex/location

FWB = friends with benefits

FYEO – for your eyes only

GNOC – get naked on cam

GYPO – get your pants off

LMIRL = let’s meet in real life

NAZ = name, address, zip

NIFOC – nude in front of the computer

TWD = texting while driving

WTTP = want to trade photos

I did not cover specific graphic sexting terminology. I would encourage you to discuss sexting with your child. It’s a conversation every parent needs to have with their child. Please don’t avoid it!

Most of all, text your kids. You don’t have to use the latest texting lingo. But, do text them! Let them know you are thinking about them throughout the day. Communicate with them often, even if your kids don’t tell you they appreciate it. Our kids need to know we’re there, available, and on their side….always!

Texting Terms Every Parent Should Know


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